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one to whom something is addressed

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Rather, the issue at hand and the addressees involved become more complicated.
From the combination of information such as origin, sender, address, addressee, specific place of posting, freight declaration, any previous movements the parcel has made; software using fuzzy logic can identify suspicious items of freight at the time and point of registering the shipment electronically.
First, he denies that the author seeks to motivate the addressees by emphasis on a future goal; rather, their present faithfulness creates the desired future rest.
To function, the addressee of the message simply has to dispose of a computer equipped with an internet access and a portable telephone allowing the receipt of sms.
Communicate in context, with every meeting and every memo containing both organizational elements and local elements, so that addressees know how the new information will affect them.
Onesimus is cast as an individual whose current value is distinctly different from his former (known) value, which was familiar to the addressees of the letter.
Officials said the addressees will be contacted and their mail will be delivered.
The software, dubbed Mailcon, will eliminate the work of individually keeping track of replies from different addressees, the officials said.
Although these instruments are central to legal discourse, neither jurists nor linguists can agree on such fundamental issues as to whether or not the texts in question are directed at addressees, who these addressees may be, and what functions they fulfill.
With 18 in-depth chapters, this comprehensive health information management book addressees such issues as the development and content of the hospital medical record, medical records in ambulatory care, clinical records in long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, mental health records, and legal aspects of medical record information.
The lyric voices of "Se la mia vita da l'aspro tormento," "Quand vous serez bien vieille," and "When You are Old" attempt to move their addressees to action by projecting a future where, their beauty gone, the women will revisit the poet's praise and regret not returning his love.
and] have promised to do what can be done to deliver their telegrams to the addressees.
Some sonnets were probably written for a few addressees before reaching a wider public.
Shop owner Hamid Baharestani found them while renovating his leather store in Kensington, West London, and now he hopes to trace the intended addressees of the post, dating from 1939 to 1951.
This recommendation addressees current chronic underfunding that has placed extreme stress on the VA health care system, rationing of care for thousands of veterans, and unprecedented waiting times for treatment," said Mr.