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one to whom something is addressed

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Rather, the issue at hand and the addressees involved become more complicated.
Contextual parameters contribute to specifying the intended meaning and allow deriving the implicit part by means of a reasoning schema along the following lines: if the speaker is alone and he does not want to be alone, then he is asking the addressee to stay with him or to find someone who bears his company.
Contextual information thus contributes to the specialization of this expression, and allows us to derive the implicit request value by means of a metonymy on the basis of a condition-sequence reasoning schema of the following form: if the speaker does not know what time it is and he wants to find out, then he can ask the addressee to tell him.
"From the combination of information such as origin, sender, address, addressee, specific place of posting, freight declaration, any previous movements the parcel has made; software using fuzzy logic can identify suspicious items of freight at the time and point of registering the shipment electronically.
First, he denies that the author seeks to motivate the addressees by emphasis on a future goal; rather, their present faithfulness creates the desired future rest.
In sum, by focusing on personal names, the name network method can quickly identify addressees of each message and thus automatically discover 'who talks to whom' in many-to-many types of online communication, such as threaded discussions and chats.
Maria Bokszczanin's magnificent edition of his correspondence (Part 1 was published in 1977, Part 2 in 1996), culminates in Part 3 that contains about 800 communications to 180 addressees, written between 1876 and 1916.
Some of Marianna's letters ended up reaching different addressees
of Hull) addressees how knowledge is disseminated in the narrative, performative aspects of ethnicity, the use of history as a narrative, and the show's representation of ethics.
(5) I recommend a reading of Philemon that diverts the primary focus from the request of Paul directed to the addressees, toward the act of requesting by Paul.
While these procedures may encourage uniform practices across mail facilities, packages containing prescription drugs continue to be released to the addressees. CBP has also implemented new procedures to interdict and destroy certain imported controlled substances, such as Valium.
Companies or organisations that receive a statement of objections (the Commission's explanation as to why it believes the addressees may have broken competition rules) will be able to access the Commission's file, where they will find all the evidence gathered against them.