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one to whom something is addressed

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1, where Panormita humorously informs his addressee, Cosimo de' Medici, that he will be able to compose an epic if Cosimo will play Maecenas to the poet's Vergil.
The insidious thing about this ploy is that when the addressee gets the NDR, the subject line is usually something about a Non-Delivery Report," notes Lih-Tah Wong, Director of Sales and Marketing for Computer Mail Services, Inc.
Picture messages are stored in Comverse's industry-leading multimedia messaging platform and then sent to a list of addressees defined by the subscriber.
Onset's ThruFax identifies inbound fax addressees, converts the faxes into editable, text-based email messages, and routes the messages to addressees' email clients.
The companies expect the relationship to increase the levels of online traffic, opt-in e-mail addressees, transaction volume, and gross revenues.
With the popularity of the 'WEr' concept gaining momentum, our customers need to know that the process of acquiring one of our unique and memorable Web addressees is being professionally managed.
Furthermore, the effects of power and gender of the addressees on the type and number of apology strategies used by these participants are also tested.
Prior to relying on the information contained in the Supplementary Prospectus you must ascertain from the Base Prospectus whether or not you are part of the intended addressees of the information contained therein.
The addressees will have the facility of picking up such UMS from 9 am to 8.
It is obvious that Israel tends to divide the Palestinian movement and break its addressees into pieces.
In advising, speakers prototypically have what I shall refer to as knowledge power or authority over their addressees that stems from their greater understanding of a situation (Verschueren 1985).
In (14), the adverb please reminds the addressees that they are compelled to obey regulations for their own safety.
Abbottabad, May 18, 2011 (Frontier Star): Pakistani Security Forces have found two letters form the compound of Osama Bin Ladin , during comprehensive search after his death, which were written by hand in Arabic language by Al-Qaida Chief himself, but before delivering these letters to the addressees , he died during US operation on the night of May 02.
Should the German government go ahead with its five point plan for air freight safety in the EU, allowing safety authorities to obtain electronic access to logistics companies data bases containing senders name, addressees and freight declarations, then it is only a matter of time before freight profiling software could be implemented all over the EU.
The author sets out Christ as the prototypical example or faithfulness and seeks to integrate the addressees into an ongoing story of faithfulness.