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one to whom something is addressed

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As to the assessment of the meaningful relationship between type and number of the apology strategies employed and power and gender of the addressees, the research null hypotheses are given as:
Rather, the issue at hand and the addressees involved become more complicated.
In application of part (c) of the Cost-Benefit Cognitive Model, speakers should make their addressees aware of what is beneficial for them if we believe they are unaware of it.
Contextual information thus contributes to the specialization of this expression, and allows us to derive the implicit request value by means of a metonymy on the basis of a condition-sequence reasoning schema of the following form: if the speaker does not know what time it is and he wants to find out, then he can ask the addressee to tell him.
From the combination of information such as origin, sender, address, addressee, specific place of posting, freight declaration, any previous movements the parcel has made; software using fuzzy logic can identify suspicious items of freight at the time and point of registering the shipment electronically.
First, he denies that the author seeks to motivate the addressees by emphasis on a future goal; rather, their present faithfulness creates the desired future rest.
Preceded by an introduction and followed by the editor's note, Part 3 contains biographies of the addressees, exhaustive footnotes, illustrations, and indices.
Communicate in context, with every meeting and every memo containing both organizational elements and local elements, so that addressees know how the new information will affect them.
Onesimus is cast as an individual whose current value is distinctly different from his former (known) value, which was familiar to the addressees of the letter.
Companies or organisations that receive a statement of objections (the Commission's explanation as to why it believes the addressees may have broken competition rules) will be able to access the Commission's file, where they will find all the evidence gathered against them.
In the interim, addressees shall use the procedures set forth in Enclosure Two, which have an effective date of January 1, 2005.
Officials said the addressees will be contacted and their mail will be delivered.
The software, dubbed Mailcon, will eliminate the work of individually keeping track of replies from different addressees, the officials said.
In what follows I overview these ways with reference to how argumentation may pressure addressees to accept an argument's conclusion.
With 18 in-depth chapters, this comprehensive health information management book addressees such issues as the development and content of the hospital medical record, medical records in ambulatory care, clinical records in long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, mental health records, and legal aspects of medical record information.