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one to whom something is addressed

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(4) In relevance theory's framework, the inputs to the interpretative process are identified and processed by the addressee according to their cognitive relevance.
54 In that regard, in accordance with the principle of legal certainty, it must be possible for the addressee of an injunction such as that at issue in the main proceedings to maintain before the court, once the implementing measures which he has taken are known and before any decision imposing a penalty on him is adopted, that the measures taken were indeed those which could be expected of him in order to prevent the proscribed result.
Most importantly, the government must stop positioning the terrorist PKK as the sole addressee or representative of the Kurds.
This construction requests the addressee's consideration about the situation he has to change to his benefit.
The other person, who is the addressee, acts as commanded.
"Should the German government go ahead with its five point plan for air freight safety in the EU, allowing safety authorities to obtain electronic access to logistics companies data bases containing senders name, addressees and freight declarations, then it is only a matter of time before freight profiling software could be implemented all over the EU.
What is at least as prominent as the fact that he is called 'Pip'--that factor is virtually treated as a given for the addressee--is the explanation of how the narrator came on the name 'Pip.' At the very start, it seems as if the addressee knows (or is expected to know)just who Pip is--what is offered with at least equal prominence is the business of how Pip came to be called 'Pip.' The relation between narrator and addressee, especially at the very start of a novel, here goes against custom and expectation; it is not that the addressee is being told things he does not and cannot know--instead, the addressee seems to be offered background and explanation for things that are presumed to be already very familiar.
"The postal packet was then delivered, but the addressee discovered that money was missing from inside.
A previous poster is not always an addressee of the post and vice versa.
The addressee of each sonnet is warned that he shall die and then urged, respectively, to "Eat thou and drink" (I.1), "Watch thou in fear" (II.1), and "Think thou and act" (III.1), or to live for pleasure, with fear of God, or through resolute action.
My e-mails to any Hotmail or Yahoo account are returned as 'mail delayed' with the message to not resend but they never get to the addressee.
It suggests that analyzing texts addressed to children presupposes that such an addressee imposes a number of restrictions on the author, who purposefully adheres to these criteria in order to achieve her/his desired goals in writing for children, as well as the approval of educational institutions.
Both the sender and addressee work to accommodate the other's point of view.
The addressee information must be up-to-date and accurate.