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Antonyms for addressed

(of mail) marked with a destination


References in classic literature ?
should ever reply to it (which I cannot but feel to be most improbable), a letter addressed to M.
A friendly one," he replied, "and only waiting, as they say ghosts do, to be addressed.
He looked upon the proposition addressed to him by Sir Francis M as the simplest thing in the world, and scarcely noticed the immense effect that it produced.
From time to time, the old lady addressed him in a very low tone, and he replied as well as he was able, with a sort of awkward and constrained politeness.
Harley, in turn, addressed him as: Man-Dog, Incorruptible One, Brass Tacks, Then Some, Sin of Gold, South Sea Satrap, Nimrod, Young Nick, and Lion-Slayer.
I can try no fresh persuasions I have no right, perhaps, in my present situation to have addressed so many to you already.
Besides the letter from Cecilia (directed to the care of Sir Jervis Redwood), she had received some lines addressed to her by Sir Jervis himself.
The insulting language which my father had addressed to him had sunk deep in Dermody's mind.
My tranquillity as a woman--perhaps my dearest interests as a wife--depended absolutely on penetrating the mystery of my mother-in-law's conduct, and on discovering the true meaning of the wild words of penitence and self-reproach which my husband had addressed to me on our way home.