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Antonyms for addressed

(of mail) marked with a destination


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Diodas Macapagal addressed the National Assembly on 15.07.1962 at 10.00 am (Speech not included in the debate).
Earlier, he had addressed the Parliament in October 2009 and was then the fourth world leader who spoke to the parliament.
The substantive legal issues will not be addressed in this article, but attorneys faced with anonymous bloggers should be aware that some Internet service providers are notorious for challenging the right of the plaintiff to discover confidential data.
While storage management using virtualization addresses challenges related to capacity planning and efficient storage utilization, business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities of an enterprise are addressed by deploying replication and continuous data protection (CDP) applications.
Proposed change relocates to PGI, procedures for defining the geographic area to be covered by mortuary services contracts, and procedures for distribution of those contracts; deletes a contract clause containing facility requirements for mortuary services, as these requirements are adequately addressed in State law; and deletes unnecessarily restrictive text on contracting for laundry and dry cleaning services.
"Over 23 percent of mail is incorrectly addressed in the United States, costing businesses millions in postage, not including the additional expense of not reaching potential customers or payees," said president and CEO of Parascript, Jeff Gilb.
Thomas addressed TEI at its FAS 109 seminar in November 2004," Ms Zelisko said, "and provided participants with a number of useful insights on the FASB's deliberations." Coming on the heels of FASB's expected release of an exposure draft relating to "uncertain tax positions," the session promises to be at once informative and stimulating.
In contrast with individual grant awards that focus on a specific research question, PM Research Centers present the opportunity for investigators from different disciplines to work together on larger problems than could be addressed in a single grant proposal.
She addressed her complaint letter: To Whom It May Concern.
For example, to subscribe to the LeaguE-Voice, the LWVUS HTML Newsletter, simply send an e-mail addressed to:
That's not even including what the batch might have yielded if the pieces had reached the potential donors to whom they were addressed in the first place.