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Sonobi, an independent technology firm built for people-based media transactions across the comScore 250, has announced that its cookie-less addressable marketplace has grown to over 150 million logged-in, plannable users, the company said.
Audience Partners operates an addressable advertising platform leveraging data science, programmatic ad buying and unique first party databases to target individuals across screen (PCs, mobile phones, tablets, televisions and billboards).
With the launch, the same addressable campaign can be extended to more than 30 million mobile devices associated with those same homes.
Content Addressable Storage (CAS) solutions are disk-based storage solutions developed specifically for the long-term archiving and retrieval of data with a focus on ensuring the retrieved data is identical to that which was stored.
Fire-Lite's addressable panels allow an entire system to be autoprogrammed with the touch of a button.
Addressable fire detection devices revolutionized the fire alarm industry when first introduced a decade ago.
OSLO -- Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") today announced that it has won the IDTechEx Product Development Award for Thinfilm Addressable Memory[TM], the world's first working prototype of a printed, non-volatile memory device addressed with complementary organic circuits, the equivalent of CMOS circuitry.
comScore today announced that it is partnering with Sling TV, the top skinny bundle provider by household penetration and viewing time, to offer cross-platform addressable advertising measurement for campaigns that joins the live OTT services impressions and DISH set-top box impressions.
Altice USA has a successful TV data and addressable advertising track record in the New York DMA, and this will expand to include the unique digital capabilities of Audience Partners thus delivering seamless multiscreen addressable solutions.
Experian Marketing Services has unveiled a unified, automated platform for targeting, execution and measurement of addressable advertising campaigns, the company said.
It supports Pin-Point addressable sensors, with up to 192 points of fire and/or intrusion devices, and four-wire and two-wire addressable smoke detectors, as well as the CleanMe feature found in some smoke detectors.
Each facility is required to assess its status and address its vulnerabilities within its own organizational framework, as long as it complies with all basic standards and evaluates, documents, and acts appropriately regarding addressable issues.
Time Addressable Storage (TAS) is a new class of storage that instantly recreates data exactly as it existed at any previous point in time, ensuring rapid application recovery and timely resumption of business critical operations.
NEW YORK -- Visible World announced today that it has been granted a patent on bandwidth management for linear household addressable TV advertising applications.
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