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Spearad CEO Erhard Neumann: "While the industry is in its growth phase with the number of addressable TV offerings exploding, advertising is still treated like Internet video ads.
While the technical specifications of OAR have not been revealed, watermarking technologies are expected to factor into the accurate delivery and decisioning of addressable TV advertising.
Xandr, AT&T's advanced advertising and analytics company, has enhanced its addressable TV solutions to include new reach and frequency capabilities, expanded cross-screen addressability, and enabled broader access to video on-demand inventory, the company said.
"Addressable is a term--if I were to be snarky about it--that was invented by the TV business to describe data," says Scott Rosenberg, general manager of Roku's platform.
However, much of the talk around addressable TV is still hype as many technology and data access constraints are holding addressable TV back from becoming mainstream.
Addressable TV ad spend is expected to top $2.2 billion this year--a 443% climb between 2015 and 2018 from $890 million in 2016, according to the report.
The standard for transmission security also includes addressable specifications for integrity controls and encryption.
INVIDI's software lets advertisers deliver addressable video advertising to the target audience--on TV and across multiple distribution platforms.
Combined with these filings from GDUFA year three and forward, these filings represent 54% of the total addressable market of its pipeline.
Based on Nokia estimates, the addressable market of the combined company in 2014 was approximately 50% larger than the current addressable networks market for Nokia alone, increasing from approximately EUR 84 billion to approximately EUR 130 billion.
"Our new M-ICT strategy will open up a total addressable market of $3.5 trillion for ZTE, far bigger than the $50 billion telecommunications market." This is aimed at growing market potential and driving innovation.
The N570 processor supports 64-bit operating systems, four gigabytes of operating system addressable memory per socket and is the first low power Atom processor to support virtualization.
At the same time, the addressable cost base declined by 5% so operating profit rose 6% to SEK32.083bn.
The digital addressable systems will enable consumers to watch high- quality digital television channels of their choice on individual basis," Trai chairman J.