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The VESDA-E VES sector addressability provides individually configurable alarm levels for each of the four sectors, reducing the search path for early warning events to deliver optimum protection in highly secure environments or areas with clear zones.
Ad tech is essential to the addressability of media, in that it allows better targeting by using data to build up personalised models of what consumers like and are receptive to, and what messaging and channels will best influence their spending behaviour.
Even if the degree of difficulty, addressability, affordability, employee readiness, availability and equity considerations function as evaluative cornerstones for wellbeing initiatives, program presentation on official employer websites eludes almost completely discussion on such topics.
Factors related to the psychiatric pathology, unhealthy life style, discrepancies in the provision of the medical assistance and addressability to the physician lead to a reserved prognostic in psychiatric patients.
DataCast also offers BrightLine's network partners an opportunity to leverage their own unique viewer data, enabling them to maximize the full potential of OTT's household addressability.
VEA provides pinpoint addressability by using a network of microbore tubes connected to sample points located in the protected area.
Paul Cheng, General Manager, Ericsson Emodo, says: "In today's new digital world, effective advertising requires four dimensions: high-quality data, audience scale, audience addressability, and a positive user experience.
Ad stitching is performed in a way that perfectly replicates the seamlessness of the original broadcast channel, while allowing full addressability so that the relevance of the advertising to the user is enhanced.
Their addressability determines the body awareness, control and remodeling (Silver, 2011).
"Today's WSN and associated cloud technologies provide the key elements for the industrial IoT: multiyear battery-powered wireless nodes, IP addressability, fieldbus tunneling, and cloud-based provisioning and management systems," said Mareca Hatler, ON World's research director and a contributor to a new report on the topic.
Downstairs, a row of smaller rooms features several videos and lecture-performances made in the interim, including Cinema-in-the-Round, 2006-2008, Concrete Vache, 2010, and Pearl Vision, 2012, and another suite of galleries showcases a version of "The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things," a multifaceted experiment in curating, digital distribution, and on-site production that Leckey staged across several venues (including a project in Artforum) over a six-year period.
DISH Media Sales introduced addressable advertising in 2012 and has seen substantial interest from advertisers due to the power of addressability. Its portfolio currently serves targeted advertising on approximately 100 networks to more than 8 million households nationwide through both the DISH and Sling TV platforms.
It is an alternative of a liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses thin film transistor technology to improve image qualities such as addressability and contrast.
In a Nature Chemistry paper published earlier this year, Sleiman describes how she and her colleagues created site-specific addressability, which she dubs "sticky patches," on a three-dimensional DNA structure, such as a cube, triangular or pentameric prism.