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Synonyms for addlepated

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Synonyms for addlepated

stupid and confused

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Just as the media cares far more about whether Meryl Streep will win the Oscar than that The Iron Lady is addlepated right-wing propaganda, so CNN is clearly far happier showing John King's "Magic Wall" of numbers than it is discussing whether Mitt Romney's ideas about the economy differ from George W.
In life and on the printed page, Molly Ivins was too cool to offer a posthumous valedictory (or even to take a victory lap for her many triumphs over inane, vainglorious, and addlepated politicos).
Disgruntled has-beens everywhere have a new hero and role model: Bernard Goldberg, the one-time CBS News correspondent and full-time addlepated windbag who is trying to make a second career out of trashing his former employer.
It can be a grind, but trend-tracking can be great fun when it lets us correct some addlepated know-it-all.
This kind of addlepated nonsense is hardly fitting for the leader of a Government, but there is nothing much one can do about fantasies when held by grown men.
Brown's addlepated letter displays his homophobia with such stupefying vulgarity that any response would be sheets to the wind.
It's fortunate that I was wearing a heavy woolen cap; without it, I would now be more addlepated than I actually am.