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Synonyms for addled

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Synonyms for addled

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Synonyms for addled

(of eggs) no longer edible

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But if they were, and in my addled, Swiss-cheese grey matter it just might happen, we could add Terri Hooley into an eclectic DJ mash-up.
Dare we legislate at all during depressions and recessions, when our brains are addled by our dim view of free markets?
Who can forget, for example, the infamous interview with Leonard Cohen when that great poetic fraud's addled answers were barely audible above the sounds of Gzowski's slurping tongue?
Russian Hamlet was truly chilling when the poor addled prince (Igor Markov alternating with Yuri Smekalov) imagined the ghost of his murdered father fighting its way up through a floorcloth.
Neale, four-fifths of the volume is given over to a detailed daily account of Sandys's life in the Parliaments of 1604 (he was knighted by Elizabeth after a brief association with the court in 1603), 1606, 1614 ("the addled Parliament"), 1621, and (with much less influence) 1624 and 1628.
Duncan McReddie, defending, said Boyes behaved bizarrely while depressed and his mind "addled" by sleeping tablets.
In 2010, health officials addled the eggs of Canada geese near the lake, in an effort to reduce the bacterial contamination caused by their feces.
Addled of Adliya mentioned in one of his previous letters how our tax money was managed, and I am surprised this problem hasn't been solved.
However, with the views he holds for the elderly, perhaps he has no forebears at all, but was hatched from an egg which had addled slightly during incubation.
The Godfather of Soul is gone, and the death of James Brown has clearly addled some of his fans.
I'M A bit addled at the moment, having spent the last few I nights lying in a pool of my I own sweat, being gnawed at by mosquitoes, but I could have sworn I read about a court case in which the supermodel Caprice admitted to having drunk at least two bottles of red wine in the hours before being arrested for drink-driving, but claimed she had been pushed over the legal limit by an antibiotic she had been taking to combat cystitis.
Did some--even most--people support the war because they are "Moron-Americans" or "Moron-Brits," whose brains have been "addled by the relentless assertion ...
So, he might sing like an addled jakey at times but, at 67, there's something truly inspiring about his joyous stage presence.
The reality sitcom that depicted the addled rock star - who is originally from Birmingham - his wife Sharon, daughter Kelly and son Jack alternately swearing and showing their love for one another drew nearly eight million viewers in the US at its peak last month - unprecedented numbers for the cable network.
Those drugs are meant to stop or reverse the addled thinking characteristic of Alzheimer's disease, but they may also enhance the executive functions of the average brain.