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Synonyms for addlebrained

stupid and confused

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Fortunately, I decided to visit in February, when the chances of becoming addlebrained from the heat, anemic from the mosquito horde, or battered by a hurricane were mercifully low.
For the record, I am obviously not a "staunch defender of the anti-Semites' right to blood-libel Jews," as he hilariously proposes; nor did I "expunge" or remove a single word, sentence, paragraph--let alone an entire article--by the equally addlebrained Evan Gahr from my website.
I once called Doktor Faust "the egghead's Gioconda," and if Ponchielli's tuneful and addlebrained "Grand" opera still plays the Lincoln Center house--which it does--there is no reason why Busoni's opera should not.
What "Behavior" does have is a headlong, cheerfully addlebrained forward motion -- sans opening and closing credit segs, feature would barely nudge the 75-minute mark.
It deals with a gang of addlebrained thugs who badly botch a jewel heist (which never is seen) and spend most of the picture hiding out in a warehouse while engaging in some bloody internecine feuding as they try to figure out who among them is the stool pigeon.