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Synonyms for addle-head

a person with confused ideas

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I'm her clever uncle Tom; and you're her addle-headed aunt Julia.
But abandoning the privatisation programme, which began in 1991, is addle-headed. Maybe Sisi's keeping his powder dry.
Because, then, perhaps, Liverpool and its seven partners could bestow the principles concerned with some clear, decisive, positive thinking, rather than the disjointed, vacillatory, addle-headed dithering that is the Gover nment's stock-in-trade today.
Ishtar of fusion & war, please tell me I am addle-headed as
And we won't even mention the addle-headed fans, who'd rather sweat through endless playoffs every June in front of the TV than get a life."--The curmudgeonly Margaret Wente, in The Globe and Mail
I only get disturbed when Brock's addle-headed analysis leads him to want to burn somebody else's copy of Harry Potter -- literally or figuratively.