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In both cases, the experimentally observed effects stayed well within the statistical 95% confidence belt of the additivity prediction curves, which led us to conclude that the mixture effect was additive (Table 2, Figure 3).
According to the additivity hypothesis, heuristic cues and message arguments have independent main effects on attitude change if they do not contradict each other.
A straight line shows the additivity behavior of the hardness.
The traditional decomposition depends on the additivity of real volume measures; it requires that real aggregate output (or input) be equal to the sum of the real sectoral outputs (or inputs).
Hence, in this case where preponderance of additivity is obvious, pedigree method involving these particular parents can prove fruitful for improving this trait (Jatothu et al.
The basic constants of additivity of the main glass-forming oxides are given in [6] (Table 2), averaged partial estimated constants of linear expansion coefficients a; oxides in silicate glass (glazes) according to Appen are indicated in Table 2.
In addition, results from maximality and additivity studies may be interpreted in terms of differential histories of responding to the stimuli in the compound either separately (elemental responding), or as a unique stimulus configuration (configural responding; Glautier, 2002; Livesey & Boakes, 2004; Melchers, Lachnit, Ungor, & Shanks, 2008).
Additivity of associative effects of metabolizable energy and amino acid digestibility in barley and canola meal for white pekin ducks.
Glab, Additivity and lineability in vector spaces, Linear Algebra Appl.
These results were compatible with the additivity of grouping factors (Kubovy & van den Berg, 2008) and mirrored those found by Quinlan and Wilton (1998) on the interactions between proximity and color similarity.
Though the original text remains unchanged, this edition adds a bibliographic supplement, remarks on open problems, and an appendix on finite additivity.
Tversky and Russo (1969) proposed evaluating multiplicativity by logarithmically transforming responses prior to carrying an additivity analysis.
These high accuracies made provisions for the implementation of the principle of additivity which led to the derivation of a geometric appearance index (GAI).
Additivity, the effect of combinations of contaminants each at low concentrations, has long been an implicit part of the Ventilation Rate Procedure.