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Synonyms for additional

Synonyms for additional

being an addition

Synonyms for additional

further or added


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This article focuses on the additional insured risk-transfer mechanism and offers a few suggestions to help insurance agents and insureds navigate an often intricate "maze" of coverage approaches and avoid potential pitfalls.
An effective gravitational interaction in presence of an additional Yukawa-type force is parametrized as:
However, when a taxpayer files an amended return (or other written notice), the taxpayer knows the amount and the basis for the additional tax reported on it.
The insurance clause in the contract asks you to add the ropes course owner to your camp's liability policy as an additional named insured.
Through interviews with physicians, nurses, ICPs, hospital laboratory staff, and patients, we obtained additional history on clinical symptoms, exposure, and occupational history and any preliminary hospital laboratory results available by the time of follow-up.
Ellen Levy, DC For additional information, call 404-236-0810.
She said she stumbled on company documents in state files that showed additional chemicals had been used at the site.
As a result, the level of reserve balances should rise, providing a modest additional source of funds to purchase collateral to back the currency.
The sales manager may feel quite confident that he clearly sees the need for additional sales staffing and that he can find the right person for the job.
Thus, a company with a pension plan that is underfunded for accrued benefits may have to report an additional minimum liability.
Last night, House members passed a bill which includes additional funding for many programs, including the National Institutes of Health, Amtrak, Community Health Centers, and the Department of Energy's Office of Science and the National Science Foundation.
Special additional tax (25 cents per $100) $100,000
94-69 provides special procedures for CIP taxpayers to show additional tax due or adequately disclose return items or positions, so as to avoid imposition of a Sec.
As insurance buyers have become more knowledgeable about coverage provided by public liability insurance, insurance agents and insurance companies have seen a proliferation of requests for additional insureds on camp liability insurance policies.
AMEX:SSY) today announced that its Board of Directors has determined to focus the Company's strategic efforts on continued improvement in its existing hospital portfolio and pursuing additional hospital acquisitions.
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