addition reaction

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a chemical reaction in which one molecule is added to another

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N and O atoms in NCO attack C atoms in [C.sub.2][H.sub.5] to form entrance intermediates IM1 [C.sub.2][H.sub.5]NCO (-89.1kcal/mol) and IM2 [C.sub.2][H.sub.5]OCN (-64.7 kcal/mol) through energybarrier-free addition reaction. Such typical initialize connection of free radicals will release abundant heat, thus making IM1 and IM2 have high chemical activity.
The next addition reaction proceeds smoothly by the attack of a nucleophile, in this case, 6-hydroxy group, leading to the formation of 1,6-anhydro skeleton.
Diastereoselective synthesis of SS-2-methylsulfanyl-2-methylsulfinyl-1-indanol by reduction of SS-2-methylsulfanyl-2-methylsulfinyl-1-indanone optically enriched demonstrating to be highly efficiency using the sulfanyl group as asymmetric induction control agent during an addition reaction to carbonyl group.The 2-methylsulfinyl-1-indanone was obtained for the first time in one unique step without further oxidation steps.
When the reaction was performed using higher concentration solution (0.5 M) for the reaction mixture, only the isomerized trans product was formed in trace amounts with no addition reaction taking place in all three methods.
(5-7) Commercial ASPE-based diamines are derived from the Michael addition reaction between aliphatic diamines and diethyl maleate (DEM).
We successfully developed an effective addition reaction of phenylacetylene to aldehydes in aqueous solution via C H activation catalyzed by a bi-metallic Ru-In system.
This family of linear polymers is formed by the addition reaction of ethylene glycol.
Anaerobic oxidation of n-dodecane by an addition reaction in a sulfate-reducing bacterial enrichment culture.
The NMA monomer from the crosslinking is actually an equilibrium composition resulting from the addition reaction of acrylamide to formaldehyde.
The addition reaction was carried out in a Magnetic stirred tank.
1-Butyl-3methylimidazolium hydroxide ([bmim]OH) is a kind of basic functionalized ionic liquid and has been successfully used for Knoevenagel condensation reaction [7], Mannich reaction [8], Markovnikov addition reaction [9], Michael addition reaction [10,11], Feist-Benaryreaction [12], and cycloaddition reaction [13].
The Kharasch addition reaction requires either a free radical precursor as the promoter or a metal complex as the catalyst.
Addition polymerization is the formation of polymers from monomers containing a carbon-carbon double bond through an exothermic addition reaction. Significantly, this reaction proceeds without the loss of any atoms or molecules from the reacting monomers.
Semicosil 961 TC is a highly filled, two-part silicone rubber that cures at room temperature via a platinum-catalyzed addition reaction to form a soft silicone elastomer with a tacky surface.