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a calculator that performs simple arithmetic functions

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Our first experiment, Elmer Rice's The Adding Machine (1995), was an exercise in using the basic ideas of virtual reality as a scenic medium.
Lightning Adding Machine. Compared to today's gadgets, this device from the 1950s probably wouldn't live up to its name.
The vote totals are all manually tabulated on an adding machine by two tally clerks.
It's different, it's fascinating, and, as with "Adding Machine," it adds layered, fresh inner life to an old chestnut.
Puentedura); (2) Digital Storytelling: Old Ways, New Tools (Laurie Burruss); (3) The Adding Machine: Remote Digital Storytelling and Performance (George Brown and James Ferolo); (4) Building and Supporting a Large-Institution Digital Media Service (Chris Millet); (5) DAM if You Do!
But now, mention the words "adding machine" to a 25-year-old graduate weaned on Internet search engines like Google and spreadsheet applications like Excel, and it's likely he or she wouldn't have a clue about what you're talking about.
Dams, which was originally called the Dictating and Adding Machine Service, was founded in Liverpool in 1967 by Barry Scott.
Although Burroughs did not live to see the success of his machine, the company he founded, the Burroughs Adding Machine Company, became a leader in the development of billing and bookkeeping machines.
If you thought learning accounting requires little more than a pen, some paper and a 10-key adding machine, think again.
Following acknowledgments (ix) and an introduction (1-10), it contains five sections: "The Americanization of Expressionism: The Hairy Ape (1922) and The Adding Machine (1923)" (11-32); "Sensualizing and Sanctifying Technology: Machinal (1928), The Subway (1929), and Dynamo (1929)" (33-68); "Theatre of the Thirties: Machines to Socialize the Soul: Waiting for Lefty (1935), Altars of Steel (1937), and O, Pyramids!
The French philosopher and scientist Blaise Pascal is credited with inventing the adding machine in 1642.
``The comptometer was an adding machine, with rows and rows of keys,'' said Mary, 65.
It was the adding machine, however, that saved the most time and labor in courthouse offices, the first one having been purchased in November 1915 for $194 from the Adder Machine Company.
February 5, 1914: Birth of American novelist William S Burroughs: Born in StLouis, Missouri, William Burroughs was the grandson of the founder of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company.