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Synonyms for insult

Synonyms for insult

to cause resentment or hurt by callous, rude behavior

an act that offends a person's sense of pride or dignity

an instance of mockery or derision

Synonyms for insult

a deliberately offensive act or something producing the effect of deliberate disrespect

treat, mention, or speak to rudely

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Henri Lansbury completed the rout shortly after the break, with sub Darius Henderson adding insult to injury deep into stoppage time.
Adding insult to injury was that Chicago was the first among the finalists - the other contenders were Tokyo, Madrid and winner Rio de Janeiro - to be shown the door in Copenhagen.
This is adding insult to injury, since those who have bothered to save in the past are the very last to be blamed for the present economic climate.
Perhaps they should look slightly closer to home and realise that by voting among themselves on how much they are allowed to claim on expenses, wage increases and holiday entitlement, this could be conceived as adding insult to injury for families who are currently struggling to put food on the table.
Adding insult to injury, Owen and Lance are friends too.
Looters and profiteers charging pounds 15 a drink are adding insult to injury...