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Synonyms for addict

Synonyms for addict

someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction

someone who is physiologically dependent on a substance

to cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent (on something, especially a narcotic drug)


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Col Hareb added that the department's role is not only to arrest people involved in drug-related crimes, but also help recovering drug addicts not to relapse.
Var of a thinner addict kicking to the hood of the car
To view the choice of offers customers can go direct to the Plush Addict online shop, where advice and tips from staff and community members is at hand.
He said many parents have also approach him to keep their drug addict kin in the hospital.
Negativity can lead to relapse, which is why it is important that addicts get positive about themselves, their sobriety and their future.
Not only the people from different age groups being addicts visit the Nullah for purchase of the narcotics, but now few females were also seen visiting the place to get drugs.
Dr Al Talha believes that regular hospitals often overlook some factors while rehabilitating drug addicts.
Now armed with guilt over having been branded a "sucker," a "bad parent," or some other label, family members are more than ready to deny even what seems the most reasonable request from the addict.
Up to 75 per cent of sex addicts contemplate suicide, while 40 per cent experience severe marital and relationship problems.
The delay in getting addicts into a residential drug treatment centre is almost twice the national average of 3.
Volkow and her colleagues had an idea: Maybe obese people have low numbers of D2 dopamine receptors in their brains--just like drug addicts.
Former drug addicts have taken to the streets of Stockton in a desperate bid to warn users to stay clear of a batch of potentially deadly heroin.
Like all addicts, Peshia ran into trouble with the law and the security forces many times.
The addicts supply their own drugs and insite provides free needles and sterile conditions.