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Synonyms for addictive



Synonyms for addictive

causing or characterized by addiction

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This salad is addictively hot, refreshingly crunchy, intensely savoury and insanely sour - in short the flavours of south east Asia in a plate.
It's addictively fun to watch stranded patterns come together, round by round.
Exhilaratingly, addictively readable, David Brazier's novel about thirteen years old Sam's survival in a jungle is the perfect book to offer reluctant fiction readers, reluctant readers or, indeed, any readers.
And Tom, addictively unfaithful to his girlfriend, confesses the obvious: "I wanted to be a good boyfriend but I wanted to have sex with other women.
Easy-going electronic indie-pop with terrific melodies (Cardiac Arrest is a particularly favourite), it's not exceptionally different but she has a soft, alluring voice and the whole thing is an addictively easy listen.
The only thing I buy obsessively and addictively is art," Bowie, who was worth $230 million when he died after battling cancer for a year, told the BBC in 1999.
Achieving this fine balance isn't easy, especially in the addictively ever-turning cycle of fashion.
It's all dangerously, addictively, exhaustingly, wonderfully per- sonal.
It's also addictively entertaining, and funny as hell.
Yet it has an addictively punchy V-twin engine, is lighter and has been designed for both road and dirt making this 2015 model one you cannot ignore.
Addictively light , spicy and zingy, this noodle salad makes the perfect light lunch or dinner.
Ignore the slightly icky name - these are addictively good whatever age you are.
For the starters, Charred Tuna Tartare served with capers, lemon zest and shallots, and the addictively delicious Jumbo Lump crab cake are what we recommend as must tries.
Pop culture isn't always friendly to businessmen, but the ABC show Shark Tank portrays entrepreneurial success as fundamentally fair, aspirational, and addictively entertaining.
Straub may be an heir to Laurie Colwin, crafting characters that are smart, addictively charming, delightfully misanthropic and fun.