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Synonyms for addicted

addicted to: hooked on


addicted to: devoted to


  • devoted to
  • in love with
  • dedicated to
  • fond of
  • obsessed with
  • enthusiastic about
  • absorbed by
  • disposed to
  • wild about
  • fanatical about

Antonyms for addicted

compulsively or physiologically dependent on something habit-forming


References in periodicals archive ?
She highlighted a recent case the police received in which a girl was addicted to tramadol pills.
They hope that a trip to prison, in particular the Central Jail Srinagar, will reform their children addicted to drugs.
Families could also reach us directly provided that they can prove a member of their family is addicted to drugs and that they are not addicts themselves," she said.
BEIRUT: In an attempt to change the treatment and perception of people who are addicted to drugs in Lebanon, the Lebanese Addiction Center "Skoun" and the Tripoli Bar Association on Tuesday launched a project for the "Greater Respect for Drug Addicts' Rights.
Drug-addicted mothers produce drug addicted offspring.
A man recently arrested on suspicion of holding up banks in Thousand Oaks and Camarillo was addicted to meth.
THIRTY babies in a Scots town have been born addicted to a deadly combination of crack cocaine and heroin in the last two years.
Mr Roberts said, 'We should actively consider prescribing diamorphine, pharmaceutical heroin, to those seriously addicted to heroin as part of a treatment programme for addiction.
It is equally credible that, once addicted, the drug abuser's brain attempts to compensate for the flood of induced dopamine by reducing the number of sensitive receptors.
My concern about the article stems from the popular opinion that if someone is on these meds for longer than a few weeks, they're addicted.
The centre in Co Mayo has treated people addicted to everything from heroin to cocaine.
AMSTERDAM -- Researchers at the University of Amsterdam suggest that it is much less costly to society to supply heroin to those who are addicted than to deal with them through the current systems of treatment and criminal prosecution.
People addicted to drugs and those who suffer from obesity have at least one thing in common.