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Synonyms for adder

a person who adds numbers

a machine that adds numbers

small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia

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"I was shocked that he had been bitten by a snake, a poisonous adder," said Kerry-Anne, who works for Euro Paws Animal Rescue.
An adder's poison is generally of little danger to humans but can be very painful and cause a nasty inflammation.
Today I was just let go from all newspapers in New Brunswick," De Adder tweeted.
Hibernating during the winter and emerging in the spring time Adders are the only native venomous snake in the UK.
Fewer than one in 20 adder bite victims die, says the Veterinary Poisons Information Service.
According to Vets4Pets, adder bites are most likely to occur between April and July.
Vets say the warmer weather means adders - Britain's only venomous snake - are more active.
Bites are more frequent in the spring when the snakes are just out of hibernation, and now dog owners are urged to keep their pets on a lead in known adder territiory.
"In 2019 we aim to grow our high performance KVM revenue significantly in the US," said Tim Conway, Adder's Americas VP.
The previous world record was a 4-bit adder that could only add numbers up to 31.
Dorset Wildlife Trust warns of adders, the UK's only native venomous snake, in the area from March to September.
Calling it the "world's smallest" high-performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) transmitter, Adder Technology says the ALIF100T is ideal for broadcast applications where there is pressure for rack space.
(i) designing an architecture for adder and subtractor by the minimal figure of cells, utilization area, and overall depleted energy,
* Negative response to the Polyvalent Snakebite Antiserum, which is not effective in berg adder envenomation [1]
The full adder truth table is shown in table II for all combinations of inputs.