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Synonyms for addendum

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Synonyms for addendum

textual matter that is added onto a publication

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The uncorrected outdoor air intake flow [V.sub.ou] is the starting point for both Appendix A and Addendum f methods.
The Appraisal Institute on May 15 was recognized for the updated addendum at the Better Buildings Summit 2017, part of the U.S.
The addendum is the first to specifically address automotive requirements.
A total of 7464 addendum reports were identified for the defined 36-month period.
The signing of the addendum took place in the presence of the director of the Presidential Office Dr.
* Addendum 62.1r will modify DCV (demand controlled ventilation) control requirements to improve clarity.
In signing the addendum, a teacher agrees to be "a ministerial agent of the bishop" and to reject "modern errors" that "gravely offend human dignity," including, "but not limited to," contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia.
The form also includes references to aid appraisers in completing the solar section and a glossary at the end of the addendum to assist the appraiser and other readers, such as lenders and consumers.
As well as adding 4G services to the company's network the Addendum is intended to give Shentel access to additional 1900 and 800 MHz spectrum, extend the initial term of the contract five years to 2024 from 2019 and increase the cap on the Net Service Fee to 14% from 12% as of 1 July 2013.
Keeping the six elements of green building in mind--site, energy, water, indoor air quality, materials, and operations and maintenance--the Addendum moves through the description of property features and addresses areas that are not covered on the residential forms.
Proposed addendum df would require elevator cab lighting systems to have efficacy of not less than 35 lumens per watt.
International Resource News-14 December 2009-Rockhopper Exploration submits EIS Addendum to Falkland Island Government(C)2009 ENPublishing -
The Addendum is subject to receipt of the Israeli Ministers'approval to the Addendum under the Government Companies' Decree (Definitionof National Government Interests in Oil Refineries Ltd., 2007), and thecontrol permits granted under it, as well as the allocation to IPE of431,610,944 of ORL's shares, representing 17.75% of the Company's issued andoutstanding share capital, under the above said agreement signed October 27,2009.
* All hard surfaces such as door handles and remote controls to be cleaned frequently with a normal cleansing agent (Addendum II)
Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit and to the following Addendums thereto: Addendum Four, "Eleventh Circuit Plan Under the Criminal Justice Act," and Addendum Six, "Rules and Regulations of the Judicial Council and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit for the Selection of Nominees, the Appointment of Bankruptcy Judges, and the Reappointment of Bankruptcy Judges."