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Synonyms for addable

capable of being added or added to


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We suggest that the scalar field generated by the type II superconductors has the same physics and thus addable to the scalar field generated by any other types of matter.
The VersiCharge SG model features two ways to communicate: built in ZigBee wireless, and user addable Wi-Fi through an internal expansion port.
Rewards of the open innovation games are generally converted into easily addable monetary rewards.
She says the chilled sector has boomed due to consumer demand for innovative but healthy products such as Heinz Salad Shakers--salad boxes with addable dressing.
However, in order to effectively hedge counterparty risks for exotics or portfolios (or better yet--cross-asset portfolios containing exotics), you'll need a way to structure customized CCDS, since these hedges are not addable.