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With that amount of paper, if you add together [the consumption of] those two grades in Mexico it amounts to basically 970,000 tons.
IF we add together the pro-hunt demonstrators, the pension protesters, the Iraq war objectors and the anti-EU brigade, then Tony Blair and his cronies will soon be lucky to be running a car boot sale, never mind the country.
20ml sherry vinegar, add together and reduce by half
Add together the virtuoso guitar playing of Adrian Ingram and Ian Wroe, the vocals of Pete Wraith and the bass playing of Nick Lunn - together with a number of surprise guest "honorary Dawgs" - and the afternoon is set for a humdinger of a session.
If you add together the spending on core cyber security capabilities, protecting our own networks and ensuring safe and secure online services, the government s total cyber spending will be more than Au3.
For me, it means that when you add together all the parts of something, it becomes greater than it seems possible.