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have an increased effect

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"I am pleased that the IDA will be able to help the bank expand their operations to Brooklyn, as well as add to the development of the area as a central business district.
They found no significant predictive relationship between identification as ADD to either word identification or passage comprehension.
How do companies decide how much herb or other "functional" ingredient to add to their foods?
Break sausage into 1/2-inch sections and add to bag.
But these regulations only add to the dizzying list of stipulations.
CEA had proposed that consumers have the option to purchase an external DTV box to add to their sets, but that manufacturers have no requirement to add such capability inside their televisions.
Due to the OEM's determining their core competencies were not machining and assembly but final assembly, Atchison took advantage of the opportunity to add to its capabilities and soon found that, with proper workforce training, several opportunities existed for the foundry as Tier II suppliers.
Bullish, Reckson bought six Long Island buildings last year to add to their inventory, and in December, signed Lockheed Martin to relocate into 123,000 square feet at 55 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard in Uniondale.
Two new reports add to a growing body of evidence that an unusual gene called Xist may hold the key to X chromosome inactivation.