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Such on-chip integration avoids the complex alignment issues associated with manually connecting different and larger components with optical fibers, and avoids the cost and space associated with manufacturing, assembling and packaging the separate components of Add/Drop Multiplexers.
Alidian's Optical Service Network (OSN) product family is a powerful set of service add/drop multiplexer solutions that covers the entire metro network from access to core.
About the DWDM add/drop multiplexer supplied by Alcatel
Omnia Communications, Inc., Marlborough, Mass., a new provider of next-generation access solutions for the telecom industry, has introduced the AXR 500, the first next-generation Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADM) for carriers' Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)-based metropolitan area networks.
The backbone connectivity between the Sapphire PoPs is provided with the Optical Metro 4150 compact STM-4 add/drop multiplexer that supplies customer access to traditional TDM services on one platform, and the Nortel Multiservice Switch 15000 that enables future VoIP implementation by acting as a Media Gateway, the company said.
Fujitsu confirmed that its FLASHWAVE 4500 multiservice provisioning platform (MSPP), FLASHWAVE 7420 managed wavelength platform and FLASHWAVE 7500 reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) platforms are available to members of The Quilt, for deployment within their regional optical networks.
This latest release integrates wideband TDM cross-connect functionality including DS3 test access to an already versatile CityStream platform which also offers ATM service access multiplexer and ATM switch (announced in March 2002) functionality combined with Next Generation SONET add/drop multiplexer capabilities.
DWDM systems typically include a pair of terminals, one or more optical amplifiers, and, in some cases, an optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM).
In addition, Nortel is providing optical solutions including its Optical Metro 4150 multi-service next-generation SDH platform, Optical TN-1X add/drop multiplexer and Optical Metro 3500 DWDM-capable next-generation SONET platform.