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nearest to or facing toward the axis of an organ or organism

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The greater number of individuals and the higher species richness, diversity, abundance, and k-dominance for phytophagous, natural enemy, and pollinator insects on the abaxial than on the adaxial leaf surface may be because leaf abaxial faces are tender, and phytophagous insects generally prefer young, soft leaves for feeding.
petiole 5-31 mm long, smaller than the rachis; 2 extrafloral nectaries, brown, stipitate, digitiform, 1-2 mm long, located on the rachis, between the pairs of proximal leaflets; rachis 8-25 mm long; interfoliolar segments 3-12 mm long; leaflets discolorous, 3 pairs, chartaceous, adaxial surface villose, abaxial surface canescent, 10-60 X 5-30 mm, widely obovate, apex rounded, mucronate, base cuneate, venation penninervous.
angustifolia leaves have a one-seriated epidermis in both the abaxial and adaxial sides, followed by three layered palisade parenchyma.
B, superficie adaxial del raquis de la pinna y pinnula.
In adaxial epidermis the leaf epidermal cells were irregular shaped having thick undulate walls, average length of epidermal cells was 155 (120-190) um and the average width was 70 (60-80) um, stomata were present, stomatal type was anisocytic and diacytic.
TABELA 2--Comprimento (CCG) e largura das celulas-guarda (LCG), comprimento (CP) e largura do poro estomatico (LP), espessura da epiderme adaxial (EEAD), espessura do parenquima palicadico (EPP), espessura dos parenquima esponjoso CEPE), espessura da epiderme abaxial (EEAB), espessura do feixe vascular (EFV), densidade de estomatos (DE) e densidade de tricomas (DT) de folhas de cupuacuzeiro, aos 15 meses de idade, cultivadas em consorcio, a pleno sol e sob tela de 50%, em Rio Branco-Acre.
Although the thickness of the adaxial and abaxial surfaces of the leaves was similar for both biotypes (data not shown), the parenchymal thickness had a statistical difference for resistant and susceptible D.
Large macrohairs with deep penetration on the adaxial surface are characteristic of Digitaria nodosa.
The pattern of walls is similar on both abaxial and adaxial sides in all species except in Senecio chrysanthemoides where it is weakly undulate on abaxial side and heavily undulate on adaxial side.
Cara adaxial de la lamina glabra, venacion generalmente hundida, cara abaxial con tricomas lepidotos con brillo metalizado; estipulas 2.
Corola rotacea, campanulada, lobulada, lobulos glabros en la cara adaxial pubescentes en la abaxial.