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Synonyms for adaxial

nearest to or facing toward the axis of an organ or organism

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The outside edges of the lateral gemmae leaves often curve toward the adaxial surface, producing a cupped appearance.
They can be surrounded by papillae, as in the adaxial epidermis of A.
As for the nymphs, there were more lerps on the adaxial leaf surface than on the abaxial surface, with a mean of 10.
Blackbrush leaves share some of the characteristics of xerophytic leaves that are typically small with reduced cell size, thick cuticle and blades, cylindrical, well-developed palisade mesophyll, and dense adaxial pubescence (Rundel and Gibson 1996).
Raina and Sharma (2006) have also observed marked alterations in the size and number of foliar epidermal and guard cells, stomatal frequency and stomatal index in both abaxial and adaxial surfaces of leaves of B.
2] IAA treatment, whether of intact or of excised leaf tissue results in epinastic (downward) curvature due to relatively greater growth by the adaxial (dorsal) side of the tissue.
Para a folha, foram medidas as espessuras totais do parenquima palicadico e lacunoso e das epidermes adaxial e abaxial.
As mensuracoes relacionadas a fluorescencia da clorofila a foram realizadas com o auxilio de pincas de metal (DLC-8) acopladas ao sensor do fluorimetro, colocadas na regiao mediana das folhas, no lado adaxial do limbo foliar, evitando-se a nervura central.
Abaxial and adaxial stomata numbers were counted in view zone of microscope with 40 x magnification in object glass.
gossypii, bem como a presenca de formigas, concentrou-se mais na face abaxial (0,07 A e 0,02 A, respectivamente) do que na adaxial (0,03 B e 0,01 B, respectivamente) das folhas do terco apical (0,21 A e 0,04 B, respectivamente) do que nos tercos medio (0,00 B e 0,00 B, respectivamente) e basal (0,08 B e 0,00 B, respectivamente) das plantas do acesso mais atacado ('ROST'), fato semelhante ocorrido no segundo cultivo para os pulgoes, no acesso 'NAT' (0,67 A; 0,14 B e 0,00 B, respectivamente), estando as formigas juntamente com estes (0,05 A; 0,02 AB e 0,00 B, respectivamente).
2007; Kluge and Kessler, 2007): (1) laminar dissection (LD), 1 = simple, 2 = pinnate, 3 = bipinnate or more; (2) density of indumenta--hairs and/or scales leaf present, determined on the adaxial (ADLS) and the abaxial (ABLS) surfaces, classifying each species qualitatively into the following categories: 1 = leaf surface without trichomes, 2 = 1-10% of the leaf surface covered, 3 = 11-25%, 4 = 26-50%, 5 = 51-75%, 6 = 76-100% of the leaf surface covered with indument, (3) stomatal density (SD), determined by counting and averaging the number of stomata in 1 [mm.
feeding damage by small caterpillars on the adaxial leaf surface of Eremanthus erythropappus; Lower right.
Cone structure here is exceedingly diverse, but a constant feature at each node on the cone axis is the solitary adaxial ovule supported on a structure referred to as an epimatium, but the possible homologue of the ovuliferous scale of Pinaceae, so as to be consistent with the Florin model.
The thicknesses of the adaxial and abaxial surfaces epidermis and the phloem were measured using a Ken-a-vision 2100 light microscope equipped with a micrometric ocular and a 40x lens.
20 mm long (with extended petals), sessile, densely arranged, odorless; sepals symmetrical or nearly so, ovate, 12-13 x 4-5 mm, free, entire, green, rigid, densely and coarsely white-floccose-lepidote except for the glabrous margins, apex acuminate-caudate, pungent, the adaxial ones carinate with keels decurrent on the ovary, the abaxial obtusely carinate; petals narrowly sublinear-spatulate, rounded and inconspicuously cucullate, ca.