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device that enables something to be used in a way different from that for which it was intended or makes different pieces of apparatus compatible


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When pulled from the socket the adaptor assembly may detach, exposing live parts."
Customers can either get a free replacement adapter or apply for a PS12 credit to an Amazon account for purchasing a power adaptor of the customer's choice. if your power adaptor is among those affected.
This interface adaptor provides compatibility between the BA-8180/U zinc-air battery and various items of military equipment.
Operating instructions for J-6633/U 119 FEI ASIP (119 F) adaptor, NSN 5940-01-504-3218
J-6634/U SINCGARS 119 B adaptor for BA-8180 zinc-air battery, NSN 5940-01-504-5597
The adaptors extend to include touch points across essential business functions, including work orders and changes, bill of material consumption, work order releases, bill of material maintenance and workflow maintenance.
By implementing our solutions, customers know that they are getting state-of-the art adaptors that enable these two powerful collaboration solutions to work as one.
J-6634/U 51NCGARS 119 B Adaptor for BA-8180 Zinc-Air Battery NSN 5940-01-504-5597
To save battery power, disconnect adaptor from battery when radio is not in use.
Whether it's a jobshop or an automaker's multimillion dollar transfer line, there will be machining centers, lathes, drill presses, and tapping machines that make extensive use quick-change toolholders and quick-change tap adaptors. Depending on the machine, manufacturing engineers can select from a wide range of tapholders and adaptors.
TM Smith Tool Int'l manufactures six different ball-drive tap adaptors for use with six different tap and toolholders.
Each of the six different tap adaptors, designed for different size taps, are retained and driven by the same Smith ball-drive system.
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