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Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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There are an increasing number of emerging educational technologies that incorporate elements of adaptivity.
Unfortunately, it appears that the adaptivity was not appreciated as much as we thought it would be.
The main simulation strategies are the combination of adaptivity on locally refined unstructured grids, parallelism aiming at the use of massively parallel computers and multigrid methods, [4], [11].
I am tremendously excited to join Adaptivity and to use my extensive industry experience and relationships to drive sales growth of its leading technology products and services and continued innovative technology leadership.
Gained competences and experiences from the previous research in the area of adaptivity and personalisation, as well as user centered applications, created the motivation to merge adaptive hypermedia systems and eye-tracking technology with the goal of making learning more efficient and effective.
They then describe the boundary mode methods, with surface approximants, potential theory and elasticity, adaptivity for three-dimension potential theory, and adaptivity of three-dimension linear elasticity.
However, they have a number of common deficiencies, such as limited or non-existent adaptivity for individual students, low-bandwidth connection, resulting in slow access to the course.
The emphasis of this challenge is put on the adaptivity with respect to the local structure of the diffusion coefficients, in order to deal with more complex examples of interest to practitioners.
A physical room that enables adaptivity, it uses real-time insight to drive real-time actions.
Work role performance includes various sub dimensions: individual task proficiency, team member proficiency, organization member proficiency, individual task adaptivity, team member adaptivity, organization member adaptivity, individual task proactivity, task member proactivity and organization member proactivity (Griffin et al, 2007).
Consideration of the interplay between legal classicism and the emergence of New Deal constitutional adaptivity on the Supreme Court underscores the evolutionary nature of this jurisprudential shift and its essentially internal characteristics.
Scientists insisted that this indicated a lethal effort of adaptivity in males as females escalate sperm competition by further shortening and synchronising the annual mating period and mating promiscuously.
Additional test of the nodes adaptivity approach is done by solving the two dimensional Burgers' equation [8] and comparing the results against published data.
A promising way to increase the accuracy and adaptivity of service discovery and recommendation, which is often neglected, is to filter services by matching the precondition of service execution and the context information of the service query request.
With better efficiencies and full adaptivity for both the inbound and outbound channels, it provides higher performance that serves the growing requirements of a range of end-users.