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Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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Therefore, the situated model stresses the importance of adaptivity in constructive conflict resolution because conflict situations are usually in flux.
Path Adaptivity. Most discrete pathfinders assume that the game map is static; that is, no object moves across the virtual world, no object is being destroyed, and so forth.
It has been suggested that combining learning styles and WMC in user model enables system to provide better adaptivity and presents more suitable contents than single sourced adaptive system (Graf et al., 2009).
Specially, a universal modeling strategy by exploiting the adaptivity of sparsity structure leads to higher quality reconstructions.
Part 2: error estimates and adaptivity," International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, vol.
For such adaptivity, the critical frequency [[omega]] is online tuned to be the dominant modal frequency of the cable-damper system identified from the measured cable response [v.sub.d] with the employment of the HHT technique [28].
3) account for the institutional dynamics of legal change and, in particular, for the trade-off between legal predictability and legal adaptivity (hereinafter, "legal change");
The adaptivity of the algorithm for environment changes is not mentioned.
* Adaptivity: It's imperative that content platforms include dynamic responsiveness to student performance so educators can analyze students' strengths, weaknesses, preferences, pace and trajectory to mastering the material.
As part of a research project spanning over a period of 3 years, aimed at developing a succesful model for computer assisted negotiations, this paper looks at ways in which the adaptivity of the model can be assessed in accordance with the requirements of adaptive multi-agent negotiation processes.
Their recommendations covered the alphabetic gamut, from adaptivity and apps to wikis and a willingness to learn.
Work role performance includes various sub dimensions: individual task proficiency, team member proficiency, organization member proficiency, individual task adaptivity, team member adaptivity, organization member adaptivity, individual task proactivity, task member proactivity and organization member proactivity (Griffin et al, 2007).
Consideration of the interplay between legal classicism and the emergence of New Deal constitutional adaptivity on the Supreme Court underscores the evolutionary nature of this jurisprudential shift and its essentially internal characteristics.
Prior to that, he served as CEO and president of Adaptivity, a software and services company focused on driving efficiency and cost savings in the application-development lifecycle and cloud readiness ecosystem.