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Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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It has been suggested that combining learning styles and WMC in user model enables system to provide better adaptivity and presents more suitable contents than single sourced adaptive system (Graf et al.
In this particular instance, we focused on the adaptivity of CGFs during simulation and data drawn from the experiment results supported our hypothetical function of the models.
Finally, we present the adaptivity mechanism employed by the algorithm, which can dynamically adjust the precision of the solution and boost the searching speed as the processing speeds of computation devices and the transmission speeds of network connections change.
214) Given the deference the Court afforded the state (215) and Roberts's flexible interpretation of the affectation doctrine, it is not surprising that many scholars consider Nebbia a transformative decision, (216) one that marked the Court's exodus from the strictures of legal classicism and its shift from guardian judicial review in this area toward a flexible and pragmatic jurisprudence of constitutional adaptivity.
True adaptivity isn't just about understanding that the kid got the question wrong, but why the kid got the question wrong.
For example, some elements of adaptivity that might be included in software, but are not classified as fully adaptive learning are:
Dealing with the complex adaptivity of systems leads to a deeper understanding of risk management of systems, not as a trade-off position between redundancy and efficiency, but to treating redundancy and efficiency as possible interdependent system attributes that may serve concurrently as barriers or enablers to system performance.
The key problems in adaptive systems, therefore, are reflected in the architecture and realization of the system, rather than in its essence-- adaptivity.
The basic idea behind the adaptivity algorithms is that, at each time step, the program compares the solution of pressure at the current time step with the previous time step solution.
Today's production faces various challenges: One of the most important aspects is to increase adaptivity and flexibility of production.
IT blueprinting software provider Adaptivity Inc announced on Tuesday it has raised a USD7.
Ontologies and adaptivity in dialogue for question answering.
lt;p>Information, workloads and workspaces<p>Workload virtualization is one of three next steps that leading-edge enterprises are taking in their move to the 100% virtual data center of the future, says Tony Bishop, CEO of IT consulting firm Adaptivity and onetime overseer of Wachovia's pioneering virtualization initiatives.