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Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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Occupational therapists need to enable the adaptiveness of their clients as well.
10) By iterating on equations 1 and 2 until convergence, we can determine what combinations of long-run actual inflation [mu] and what degree of adaptiveness [lambda] can rationalize both the market and professional long-run inflation forecasts.
My colleague Corrine did not have success and recognition thrust on a plate but she has worked with great attitude, aptitude and adaptiveness to reach a position of being acknowledged as FE Lecturer of the Year.
His long-term view of Australia's success is explicitly based on McLean's book, particularly the idea of institutional adaptiveness.
He said that considering the evolutionary adaptiveness of a trait like personality can be problematic in modern developed societies because of the widespread use of contraception.
The results indicate that high adaptiveness arises from proactiveness, market and learning orientation whereas proactiveness is less important for customer-specific success and effectiveness.
The second theme is one close to my personal interests, namely how to increase regions' capacities for entrepreneurship, innovation, adaptiveness, risk-taking and distributing the necessary venture capital.
Maloles III, "Job Insecurity Spillover to Key Account Management: Negative Effects on Performance, Effectiveness, Adaptiveness and Esprit de Corps," Journal of Business and Psychology, 2005, Vol.
Because of the complex epidemiology and adaptiveness of pathogens and arthropods, vector-borne diseases are difficult to control, much less to eradicate.
Businesses face huge challenges every day, particularly in the current economic environment, and it was refreshing for our clients to engage in an open forum with Mark exploring elements such as resilience, adaptiveness and mental toughness while drawing parallels between leading and managing in business.
But in either case it doesn't matter to the adaptiveness of the behavior (or of the neurology that causes the behavior) whether the content determined by that neurology is true.
But this is merely byplay in a narrative with just three essential elements: a fixed level of human adaptiveness, the retention of helpful adaptations, and the opportunities afforded by land, air, and water.
Schoon (2006) found that the particularities of the time period and historical context further shape adaptiveness and creativity.
The women who did not report date rape experiences scored higher on the Moral Judgement, Control and Adaptiveness subscales than the women who reported experiences of date rape.