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Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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My colleague Corrine did not have success and recognition thrust on a plate but she has worked with great attitude, aptitude and adaptiveness to reach a position of being acknowledged as FE Lecturer of the Year.
His long-term view of Australia's success is explicitly based on McLean's book, particularly the idea of institutional adaptiveness.
The late Aaron Wildavsky, a president of the American Political Science Association and author of many books on public policy analysis, argued for adaptiveness and resilience over excessive regulations and restrictions on new technologies.
He said that considering the evolutionary adaptiveness of a trait like personality can be problematic in modern developed societies because of the widespread use of contraception.
1973) Production, Efficiency, Satisfaction, Adaptiveness, Long-run Survival Negandhi & Reimann (1973) Manpower acquisition, Employee satisfaction, Manpower retention, Interpersonal relations, Interdepartmental relations, Manpower utilization Economic index Growth in sales, Child (1974,1975) Profitability, Growth Webb (1974) D C Cohesion, Efficiency, Adaptability Source: Richard M.
The second theme is one close to my personal interests, namely how to increase regions' capacities for entrepreneurship, innovation, adaptiveness, risk-taking and distributing the necessary venture capital.
Because of the complex epidemiology and adaptiveness of pathogens and arthropods, vector-borne diseases are difficult to control, much less to eradicate.
Maloles III, "Job Insecurity Spillover to Key Account Management: Negative Effects on Performance, Effectiveness, Adaptiveness and Esprit de Corps," Journal of Business and Psychology, 2005, Vol.
Facial attractiveness: Variation, adaptiveness and consequences of facial preferences.
These actors have been integral to the institution's emergence but, more importantly, adaptiveness.
Businesses face huge challenges every day, particularly in the current economic environment, and it was refreshing for our clients to engage in an open forum with Mark exploring elements such as resilience, adaptiveness and mental toughness while drawing parallels between leading and managing in business.
Since the program was not designed to generate beliefs based on their truth, but only based on their adaptiveness, it would appear to be the sheerest luck were our moral beliefs accurate.
But in either case it doesn't matter to the adaptiveness of the behavior (or of the neurology that causes the behavior) whether the content determined by that neurology is true.
Miller and Friesen (1978) identified 11 strategy making process dimensions such as adaptiveness, integration, expertise, and innovation while Fredrickson (1 986) proposed the dimensions of comprehensiveness, proactiveness, rationality, assertiveness, and risk-taking.