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Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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The UE can receive the precoded signals from multiple TPs and decode the signals adaptively by using scalable HEVC.
The broad nulls can be formed around the interferences adaptively without the prior information about the directions of the interferences, and the computational complexity of the CMT approach is very low.
We define a stronger notion for broadcast encryption, called the adaptive security in the multichallenge setting (MA-security), where the adversary can not only adaptively have access to the key generation oracle and the encryption oracle many times (multichallenge) but also adaptively query for the challenge ciphertexts on different target user sets instead of only one target set as in previous security model.
To manage communication frequency of each node and make it possible to vary [L.sub.preamble] adaptively according to communication frequency, TRA-MAC employs a device management table (DMT), which contains communication frequency information of each node.
Query phase 2 The adversary adaptively issues queries [q.sub.t+1], [q.sub.t+1], ..., [q.sub.[pi]].
In the context of the recent English Heritage 'Industrial Heritage at Risk' list, efforts to conserve or adaptively reuse key buildings or sites that established England as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution are detailed.
According to a press release from the group, the Hillside Restoration Project began as a community effort in 1998, to preserve, restore and adaptively reuse the Gough Estate.
But as Lowe shows, the Luftwaffe reacted quickly and adaptively.
"The theme cites the importance of innovation to the oil and gas industry and challenges it to move forward with adaptively intelligent technologies, out-of-the-box business models and exceptional human skills."
The technology that drives the product adaptively integrates intelligence, scenarios, and risks from hundreds of dimensions to monitor each client and each group of related clients, and automatically detects fraudulent activities of all transactions across all product lines at all times with a high degree of accuracy and resolution.
While it is clear that there are issues that will present obstacles to administering accountability tests adaptively to students with disabilities, this synthesis of research and policy developments with respect to this topic will be useful both for development of research agendas and to inform states that are currently using or are considering moving to CAT.
Ellis contends that children adaptively adjust their sexual development in response to the conditions in which they live.
The conference theme cites the importance of innovation and challenges the exploration and production (E&P) industry to move forward with adaptively intelligent technologies, out-of-the-box business models and exceptional human skills.
The third section presents high-performance algorithms for mining rooted trees adaptively from data streams that change over time.
"Borisov is doing well, he's developing adaptively and I think that his potential for a full term in office is quite serious," said Siderov in an interview for Bulgarian Nova TV Sunday.