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Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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His doctor says it's "sensory integration dysfunction," an inability to "modulate, discriminate, coordinate, or organize sensation adaptively.
The acoustic structure of particular monkey vocalisations may be adaptively designed to attract young infants.
The LP5552, a power management integrated circuit that supports advanced visual systems and enables the processor to adaptively adjust supply voltage to the minimum level needed.
The company's flagship products, GridServer(r) and FabricServer(tm), virtualise business-critical applications and adaptively provision them across a shared infrastructure.
This new option helps fine-tune PID control loops and adaptively tunes dynamic systems that would otherwise have to be retuned by operators.
The CPC400 with Tru-Tune+ fine-tunes PID (proportional, integral, derivative) control loops and adaptively tunes dynamic systems that otherwise would have to be retuned by operators.
System has the ability to adaptively monitor, correct and create incoming isocratic mobile phases to within 0.
Both pre-harvest inventory information and time-of-harvest information could be used for adaptively controlling prices and specifications to better meet order book constraints and minimize variation at the block level.
Moreover, the emotional intelligence factors Identifying Own Emotions, Expressing Emotions Adaptively, and Using Emotions in Problem Solving successfully predicted counseling self-efficacy of both counseling students and practicing counselors (R = .
The system effectively identifies and tracks the nearest vehicle up to 150 meters ahead, adaptively accelerating or decelerating to maintain a safe stopping distance.
In the end, the policy engine plays a vital role by intelligently and adaptively making the best decisions about where to optimally place data on the storage network to ensure the right data is on the right storage at the right time.
Based on the bootstrap estimate of bias, the jitter standard deviation estimate is adaptively corrected.
CAT requires item response theory (IRT) parameter estimates of each item in order to select items adaptively based on the students' performance on previously administered items.
The assessed driver state will influence the warning systems by adaptively tailoring the initiation of the warning cues, and the availability of the Communiport multimedia system features.
As programmed genetic mutation can also play a role in development, (4,5,6) an adaptive process, such mutation could also be seen as a mutation that is adaptively responsive to the dynamic signals conveyed from the cellular environment to the genome via the cytoskeleton and inner cytoplasmic membranes.