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the development of many different forms from an originally homogeneous group of organisms as they fill different ecological niches

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Adaptive radiation, diversification, nuil models, phylogeny, topology.
Adaptive radiation therapy (ART) involves changing a treatment plan between treatment sessions based on quantitative feedback gathered from efficient daily CT imaging, Hypofractionation involves the delivery of higher doses of radiation in fewer fractions than are used in conventional radiation therapy.
Under this new contract RaySearch will deliver its treatment planning system RayStation to PMH where it is expected to be used as the primary treatment planning tool for adaptive radiation therapy.
In October 2006, RaySearch signed an agreement with Philips covering the development of products in adaptive radiation therapy.
The agreement with Philips in adaptive radiation therapy aims to develop a suite of three products.
11-16-06 Nucletron and RaySearch have entered into a development and license agreement regarding treatment planning for proton therapy in cancer treatment 10-31-06 Agreement between Philips and RaySearch regarding adaptive radiation therapy is finalized
It was extremely gratifying being able to announce just over two weeks ago that the agreement with Philips pertaining to adaptive radiation therapy has been finalized.
Schmidt and Buatti both acknowledged developments in Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART) including systems for Volume-Guided Radiation Therapy([TM]) (VGRT) and Dose-Guided Radiation Therapy([TM]) (DGRT) - and pointed to the progress in genomic and proteomic tools as examples of advances in oncology care that are redefining the therapeutic approach and creating a cohesive healthcare continuum in oncology.
In addition, Philips and RaySearch Medical of Stockholm, Sweden, have signed an agreement to expand the current IMRT optimization OEM relationship to focus on new areas such as biologically and image guided adaptive radiation therapy (ART).
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- RaySearch Laboratories AB (STO:RAYB) announces that a long-term license and development agreement has been reached with Royal Philips Electronics covering a suite of new products within adaptive radiation therapy.
In 2005, RaySearch signed a Letter of Intent with Philips for the development of products within adaptive radiation therapy.
This strategic alliance includes more precise targeting of tumours as well as improving upon and making more available an existing radiation therapy called adaptive radiation therapy (ART), currently only used at highly specialised care centres.
It combines unique features such as multi-criteria optimisation tools with full support for 4D adaptive radiation therapy and also includes functionality such as RaySearch's algorithms for IMRT and VMAT optimisation and highly accurate dose engines for photon, electron and proton and carbon ion therapy.
In part I, two predictions from the ecological theory of adaptive radiation were investigated: the phenotype-environment correlation (chapter 1), and the trait utility through the bite force (chapter 2).
Identification of wild rose-ringed parakeet sub-species is a complex chore because these sub-species share several common features and adaptive radiation wields strong influence on evolution of the parakeet species and sub-species along geographic coordinates.
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