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Synonyms for device

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Synonyms for device

something, as a machine, devised for a particular function

something invented

an element or a component in a decorative composition

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Synonyms for device

an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose

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something in an artistic work designed to achieve a particular effect

any ornamental pattern or design (as in embroidery)

an emblematic design (especially in heraldry)

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With the aid of adaptive devices, visually impaired people can independently access, store, and transmit the same information handled by sighted people.
Prior to conducting home visits, each Extension Homemaker volunteer attended a 1 1/2 day training program to conduct home visits to people with disabilities, to share information on adaptive devices and to help educate the consumer in using appropriate catalogs and publications are resources for direct purchase, modification or cost-effective fabrication of adaptive equipment.
The purpose of the questionnaire was to collect data on what services, adaptive devices, and methods are included in CAE.
Explore adaptive devices, and make simple changes in your everyday life to protect your thumb joints and reduce the force exerted on them.
* Assess your living environment and get any adaptive devices that you need to improve your safety, such as a grab bar in your shower or tub or an elevated toilet seat.
Likewise, individuals with disabilities can obtain a modified crossbow permit or modified longbow authorization to use adaptive devices on their equipment.
Add in related costs that medical insurance won't cover--travel to and from therapy and specialist appointments, child care during treatment, lost income for missed time at work, adaptive devices or home modifications--and the tab can grow rapidly.
The growing prevalence of devices such as interactive displays, tablets, adaptive devices, and education software used for imparting interactive digital content fosters the growth of this market.
The reference also covers adaptive devices and equipment, transportation and housing issues, roles of caregivers, and types of medical insurance.
Also be sure to bring hearing aids, glasses, and any other necessary adaptive devices; and stick to your usual routine if possible--for example, if you read the newspaper every day after breakfast, watch a certain television show, or bathe at a certain time, try to continue these activities."
Other adaptive devices have been developed to help people with tremors -- rocker knives, weighted utensils, pen grips.
Adaptive devices give you the ability to participate in just about any sport you want.
The rehabilitative treatment approach included educational programs (lifestyle alterations, weight control, joint protection, and energy consumption), physical therapy modalities [thermotherapy, cryotherapy, electrotherapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and laser therapy], exercise (range of motion, strengthening, stretching, flexibility, muscle conditioning, aerobics, and cardiopulmonary fitness), ergonomic arrangements, assistive and adaptive devices, protective and corrective orthoses, appropriate footwear, and hydrotherapy (balneotherapy, spa, and aquatherapy).
Achilles officials generally visit with wounded service members as they recuperate in military hospitals, where they have the option to learn to use specialized adaptive devices, such as hand cycles, for competitions.
The game is compatible with any USB XBOX 360 game controllers and many USB adaptive devices.
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