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Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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There has been unparalled growth in adaptive technology for individuals with disabilities since 1985.
All physical and perceptual deficits cannot be eliminated through adaptive devices.
The PLX Adaptive Switch Fabric Architecture was designed specifically for edge-access communication systems which continually require bandwidth enhancements and inputs from multiple sources such as voice, data, video and wireless.
In their research of 27 visually impaired men and women employed in diverse occupations and using adaptive devices to perform the duties of their respective jobs, Liebman and Ryder (1987) report that all of their subjects stated that they could not work up to maximum potential without their adaptive devices.
Today, there are two national organizations that are active in establishing performance standards on adaptive driving equipment.
Adaptive OnDemand gives organizations the first opportunity to quickly accelerate data governance and critically related enterprise services through a fully web based approach," said Jeff Goins, President and CEO of Adaptive.
Although their beacon proved too weak and unfocused for use in adaptive optics, they demonstrated the concept's viability.
In the area of adaptive behavior functioning, the Street Survival Questionnaire Survival Quotient (SQ) showed a significant correlation with overall level of acculturation.
Without a visual display such as a rugged fitness landscape; its difficult to intuit why some mutations are more adaptive than others, adds applied mathematician Alan S.
Adaptive Planning is honored that our solution ranks among the very best financial software alternatives," said William A.
Adaptive Analysis customizes the Mu-4000's ability to pinpoint and expedite the remediation of potential 0-day and published vulnerabilities in critical wired and wireless infrastructures, carrier networks and government applications.
Comprehensive Financial Management Survey from Adaptive Planning and BPM Partners Identifies Over-reliance Upon Spreadsheets and Limited Support for Key Processes
the leader in Business Process Integrity solutions for information risk management, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the Company patent number US 7,100,047 covering its innovative Adaptive Transparent Encryption technology which extends the comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities of Verdasys' Digital Guardian solutions.