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changed in order to improve or made more fit for a particular purpose


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No country can be named in which all the native inhabitants are now so perfectly adapted to each other and to the physical conditions under which they live, that none of them could anyhow be improved; for in all countries, the natives have been so far conquered by naturalised productions, that they have allowed foreigners to take firm possession of the land.
Can we wonder, then, that nature's productions should be far 'truer' in character than man's productions; that they should be infinitely better adapted to the most complex conditions of life, and should plainly bear the stamp of far higher workmanship?
Thus I can understand how a flower and a bee might slowly become, either simultaneously or one after the other, modified and adapted in the most perfect manner to each other, by the continued preservation of individuals presenting mutual and slightly favourable deviations of structure.
Dare say he may be; never was much adapted to anything that I set him about, I'll be bound.
In the first, the qualifications best adapted to uniting the suffrages of the party, will be more considered than those which fit the person for the station.
I have indeed observed the same disposition among most of the mathematicians I have known in Europe, although I could never discover the least analogy between the two sciences; unless those people suppose, that because the smallest circle has as many degrees as the largest, therefore the regulation and management of the world require no more abilities than the handling and turning of a globe; but I rather take this quality to spring from a very common infirmity of human nature, inclining us to be most curious and conceited in matters where we have least concern, and for which we are least adapted by study or nature.
He remembered some of the costumes he had seen in Paris, and he adapted one of them, getting his effect from a combination of violent, unusual colours.
Past the veranda they raced, pouring a deadly fire into the kneeling Waziri who discharged their volley of arrows from behind their long, oval shields--shields well adapted, perhaps, to stop a hostile arrow, or deflect a spear; but futile, quite, before the leaden missiles of the riflemen.
The tolerance strategies of adapted lines were not confined to the same type of stress but showed cross tolerance towards other abiotic stresses.
The process for applying for specially adapted housing grants can be long and cumbersome, largely because the VA has to review plans, request bids from contractors and evaluate the potential for the home to be adapted.
2 : to make or become suitable or able to function <The camera was adapted for underwater use.
The text begins with a brief history of adapted aquatics and a review of relevant legislation.
com) film Diary of a Mad Black Woman, adapted from the stage play, has been packing theaters.
As time goes on, devices supporting only proprietary APIs can be phased out while the management application is easily adapted to newer SMI-S-compliant devices.
Helfer, a therapeutic recreational specialist, has been working in adapted aquatics since she was 16 years old, when she started out as a volunteer.