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Synonyms for adaptative

having a capacity for adaptation


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L'enjeu est alors de developper les competences << adaptatives >> des travailleurs, pour qu'ils sachent faire les meilleurs compromis entre deux types d'echecs : celui de ne pas s'adapter et celui de s'adapter a tort (35).
As there was significant fetal weight gain from GD17 to GD2016, so this would lead to significant adaptative changes in the histo-morphology of placentae at GD20 as compared to GD17.
--Non-equilibrium dynamics: given all the above characteristics, the system does not comply with any optimum point or global equilibrium, although adaptative systems may settle down temporarily at a local optimum (Holland and Miller, 1991).
He said priority items under the framework had not been complied with and no action had been taken by the respective governments or authorities to develop adaptative capacity and resilience to address climate change.
Clinical studies over the past decade demonstrate unequivocally that sepsis not only causes hyperinflammation but also leads to simultaneous adaptative immune system dysfunction and impaired antimicrobial immunity.
<< Le sentiment d'appartenance a l'ecole constitue un concept complexe et de nature multidimensionnelle comprenant une dimension emotionnelle, sociale, participative et adaptative. Dans ce contexte, il [le sentiment d'appartenance a l'ecole] est atteint quand l'eleve en arrive a developper des relations sociales positives avec les membres de l'environnement scolaire ; des rapports sociaux empreints d'encouragements, de valorisation, d'acceptation, de soutien, de respect et d'amitie.
Existem varios modelos de ciclo de vida para desenvolvimento de software, modelos tradicionais, como o modelo de cascata, e os relacionados a paradigmas ageis, como, por exemplo, Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Adaptative Software Development (ASD), Crystal, Feature Driven Development (FDD).
This suggests that TCDD prevented a physiological adaptative up-regulation of FA catabolism in HFD mice.
Hence it may be attributed that changes in frequency domain parameters seem to be due to the disease process itself and with chronic pain, there are some adaptative mechanisms responsible for coping with pain.
International Scholarly Research Notices has retracted the article titled "Physical Activity: An Important Adaptative Mechanism for Body-Weight Control" [1].
Therefore, an imbalance or lack of adjustment of innate or adaptative immunity leads to immune diseases.