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Synonyms for adaptative

having a capacity for adaptation


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The role of microbial pattern recognition in self: nonself discrimination in innate and adaptative immunity.
This project will help to define units below the species level (Evolutionary Significant Units, Adaptative Units, Designatable Units) to accurately assess the extinction probability and to help set conservation priorities.
Cytogenetics of the grasshopper Moraba scurra VII: geographic variation of adaptative properties of inversions.
Management Strategies for Complex Adaptative Systems.
Characterization of insulin resistance and evidence for adaptative hyperinsulinism.
As such, it is focused not only on the adaptative response to global climate change, but in particular on adaptation to overcome economic challenges posed by climate change in Asia, a region whose large coastal populations, dependence on natural resources and agriculture, and poverty make it especially susceptible to climate-induced economic setbacks.
On the adaptative value of intraclutch egg-size variation in birds.
Ces composantes entrent dans une approche qui se veut etre preventive, therapeutique et re adaptative des patients, elle vise des objectifs precis: 1 / Eviter et ecourter l'hospitalisation des malades a temps complet.
Cognitive and adaptative behavior outcomes of behavioral intervention for young children with intellectual disability.
Le complexe neotropical du Cichlide Amphilophus citrinellus Gunther 1864 est devenu un systeme modele dans la recherche des mecanismes de la speciation et de la radiation adaptative.
In this context, a fundamental understanding of the ultimate relations between structure and properties of these conjugated materials is, therefore, crucial to benefit from their adaptative properties to photovoltaic cells (PCEs).
Secondly, even it we were to take action to try and prevent global warming, the cost of that would be many times greater than the cost of taking adaptative measures later," Lord Monckton, sitting in the Burmese regime's spot, continued as other UN delegates began to realize what was going on.
Social skills deficits are considered to hinder social functioning and the adaptative ability of individuals, with several implications and several impairments, especially for performance and social interactions.