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having a capacity for adaptation


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Il a souligne en marge d'une seance de travail pour suivre l'avancement du projet, dont les travaux se poursuivront jusqu'au 13 juillet que la gestion adaptative et surveillance des systemes oasiens vise a renforcer les capacites des intervenants dans le domaine des oasis dans les trois pays et a instaurer un systeme d'information qui suit tous les changements et problematiques lies aux oasis, aide a la prise de la decision et a la maitrise de la gestion du systeme des oasis.
Il s'agit du PSSM (Psychological Sense of School Membership) (Goodenow, 1993b), du QES (Questionnaire sur l'environnement socioeducatif) (Janosz, Bouthillier, Bowen, Chouinard et Desbiens, 2007) et du PALS (Patterns of Adaptative Learning Survey) (Midgley et al.
In summary, the HFD could lead to an increase of TG synthesis but also to an adaptative increase of fatty acid oxidation.
Etude de la riposte adaptative dans un environnement nociceptif chez la rate gestante (WISTAR).
Olivera and Viera, (2007)have solved the problem using Adaptative memory programming ().
The inflammatory response in CKD-HD is an adaptative phenomenon to stress.
The counsel submitted that priority items under the Framework, 2013 had not been complied with and no action had been taken by the respective authorities to develop adaptative capacity and resilience
com)-- The new site offers information about die casting machines and other peripheral equipment manufactured by the company and has the latest adaptative technology, which gives visitors access through any device.
Adaptative radiation in miniature: the minute salamanders of the Mexican highlands (Amphibia: Plethodontidae: Thorius).
Grace aux positions (coordonnees de GPS) prelevees a partir de colliers poses sur sept loups, nous avons estime la taille des territoires au moyen de la methode d'estimation adaptative a noyaux et de la methode du polygone convexe minimal.
Phylogeny, adaptative radiation, and historical biogeography of Bromeliaceae inferred from ndhF sequence data.
One is about the experimental triaxial tests developed to estimate undrained critical shear strength under monolithic loadings; the second one reads about classification of caving depth by feature extraction in cutting images, and the other is a simulation using artificial neural network and adaptative neuro-fuzzy system of compression ratio in a municipal solid waste.
Systematics and ecology of Ichtyomyine rodents (Muroidea): Patterns of morphological evolution in a small adaptative radiation.