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This study describes adaptational patterns in a group of individuals with SCI and chronic pain.
Since this attempt cannot fully access the medium of music, poetry is the intermediate adaptational level in Goethe's search for a bridge to the highest art form: song.
A higher proportion of these adolescents with cancer also met criteria for a repressive adaptational style (50%) relative to the healthy comparison group (30%).
A second purpose of this study was to explore the adaptational consequences of separation-individuation and attachment style.
We believe that the time course of absolute concentrations of ketones may reflect long-term adaptational changes of metabolism to high fat intake.
"Unless man quickly learns to control the rate of change," Toffler wrote, "we are doomed to a massive adaptational breakdown."
Resilience is a successful adaptational response to high risk.
Finally, the ability of older adults to remain in a setting is relevant from both adaptational and service delivery perspectives.
This model has four major components: stress, appraisal, coping, and adaptational outcomes.
Our results emphasize the importance of testing adaptational hypotheses under natural conditions.
Although the anti-naticid predation hypothesis has been widely accepted, alternative (potentially complementary) adaptational hypotheses for conchiolin layer function in corbulids have been proposed (Lewy and Samtleben 1979; Kat 1985; Harper 1994).
Although some individuals might indeed benefit from a general level of support and encouragement, rehabilitation time and resources might be better concentrated differently with most persons with visual impairment - such as on the adaptational challenges presented by academic settings, on the acquisition of available facilitative technology, and on the familiarization with often-changing physical and political structures in the academic environment.
For among extant hypotheses it is the most well confirmed, and the burden of proof may fairly be placed on the anti-realist to identify an alternative adaptational or non-adaptational explanation for the apparent agreement about kinds and dependencies characteristic of prescientific peoples, and the rapidity with which they come to embrace science's kinds as natural and its dependencies as objective.
Fourth, he concerns himself with psychological functioning, particularly in terms of adaptational styles.