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Secondly, the adaptational pressure of the EU legitimizes and facilitates the practice of gender expertise in some ways, but also establishes in the process a prescriptive framework of who can participate in this work and the objectives thereof.
The adaptational and productive qualities of imported and domestic cattle at free stabling.
Adopting the adaptational model of malingering in assessment can reframe the deception and misrepresentation as possibly an adaptive way to meet basic needs.
Emphasis will be given to show the adaptational characters of the basically beetle-pollinated Annonaceae flowers and to demonstrate which modifications and adaptations have occurred when other insects, especially thrips, flies and bees have entered as new pollinators.
A great deal of research has examined the effects of stress on variables such as adaptational outcomes [1].
Personality characteristics dispose the person to behave in certain ways that impair or facilitate the various components of adaptational status, explain Folkman, Lazarus, Gruen, and DeLongis, (1986).
Wittmann the main concepts of planned relaparotomy are the following: sanation of the infectious focus; adaptational restitution; absence of drainage; reintervention after 24 hours.
Stress, social supports, and adaptational patterns in Hmong refugee families.
Adaptational responses of the human Achilles tendon by modulation of the applied cyclic strain magnitude.
Lazaurs (1999) warns that though it may seem straightforward to classify coping strategies within distinct adaptational functional categories, coping strategies are seldom, if ever, used for separate adaptive functions.
Conflict-resolution behavior in adolescent boys: Antecedents and adaptational correlates.
In addition, parenting influences may be less powerful during adolescence due to adaptational and maturational processes (Sim & Vuchinich, 1996).
However, conflicting studies have suggested that pathologic changes in PT represent an adaptational change to an increase in compressive forces secondary to an impingement of the inferior pole of the patellar tendon during flexion (Hamilton and Purdam, 2004; Johnson et al.
Psychological and situational mediators are included in increasingly elaborated and empirically tested adaptational models (Dowhrenrind, 1978).