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1994) conceptualized three models for explaining the motivation for malingering and subsequent response style: pathogenic, criminological, and adaptational malingering.
Planned follow-up comparisons using Bonferroni adjustment tested differences in intended use across the individual adaptational coping functions.
In addition, parenting influences may be less powerful during adolescence due to adaptational and maturational processes (Sim & Vuchinich, 1996).
Measuring stakeholder integration: knowledge, interaction and adaptational behavior dimensions.
People who appraise a situation as highly stressful and engage in less adaptational forms of coping are more likely to express negative emotions.
Although these studies suggest that women's adjustment to menopause can be shaped by the social context in which this life transition occurs, it is not clear whether multiple contextual antecedents have the same adaptational significance for all facets of adjustment to menopause (for example, loss of fertility, concerns about attractiveness and health).
This morning-peak-biting proclivity could be due to the vector's need for cool and humid conditions; an adaptational development that ensures successful transmission of the microfilariae to human.
Each phase is guided by primary adaptational tasks that are resolved within the broader context of the survivor's personal, social, cultural, and sociopolitical environment.
The coming-out process and its adaptational and health-related associations among gay, lesbian, and bisexual youths: Stipulation and exploration of a model.
Outside of its tetracycline antibacterial program, Paratek has also identified small molecules that inhibit bacteria-specific transcription factors for Multiple Adaptational Response (MAR) genes which control bacterial virulence and resistance development.
If Aristotle insists on the universal in tragedy, does it follow that the key tactic for accomplishing Wertenbaker's historical tragedy comes from drawing on Darwin for the sake of metatheatrical evolutionary metaphors to illustrate how the combined, contextual chance of adaptational processes is really a matter of the universal giving way to the particular and then the particular looping into the universal again?
Dissociation is an important mental mechanism that plays a very significant role in people's adaptational efforts.
Adaptational significance of the forestomach of the collared peccary, Dicotyles tajacu (L.