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The Story of the Adaptation Syndrome. Montreal, Canada: Acta; 1952.
The Story of the Adaptation Syndrome (Montreal, Canada: Acta.
Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome clearly supports that assumption.
Originally designed to help with space adaptation syndrome, a condition similar to motion sickness, the technology now serves as a treatment for stress-related disorders (see Techwatch July 2003).
One model which has attempted to explain the reaction to stress, and ultimately the development of distress, is the General Adaptation Syndrome model (GAS; Seyle, 1975).
adaptation syndrome (GAS) to explain how humans react to stress.
However, about 30 to 40 per cent of people experience 'space adaptation syndrome' upon entering a low gravity condition for two to three days.
Space adaptation syndrome, for example, causes infrequent but sudden vomiting that afflicts 60 to 70 percent of astronauts on their first flights.
It is part of the "general adaptation syndrome" -- an attempt of the body to retrieve homeostasis.
The first two chapters deal very generally with theories of stress, including such familiar contributions as Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome, the Holmes and Rahe stressful life-events model and Lazarus' transactional model.