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This edition synthesizes research findings from the past 50 years; reflects the evolution and testing of various theoretical models from other disciplines, including the general adaptation syndrome, Transaction Model of Stress and Coping, and Allostasis and Allostatic Load Theory, and nursing models that have evolved from them.
Citation: The relationship between stressors and disturbing physiological processes was first established by Selye (1946) and explained with the General Adaptation Syndrome.
An analogy to the energetic premise of the Disuse Syndrome is the General Adaptation Syndrome proposed by Selye 60 years ago (31).
This concept later evolved into GAS--General Adaptation Syndrome ,which was based upon the observation that stress significantly influences endocrine function through hypothalamus and anterior pitutary gland, leading to enlargement and increased function of adrenal cortex.
3) He noted that this pattern of symptoms could be explained by what he later defined as the general adaptation syndrome that consists of three stages: the alarm reaction, the stage of resistance, and the stage of exhaustion.
We must first look at the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) developed by Hans Selye.