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The Story of the Adaptation Syndrome (Montreal, Canada: Acta.
Space adaptation syndrome, for example, causes infrequent but sudden vomiting that afflicts 60 to 70 percent of astronauts on their first flights.
His theory of general adaptation syndrome (GAS) was based on observing the nearly uniform changes that occurred in mice after exposure to poisonous chemicals and agents.
Hans Selye published his classic text, The Strees of Life, he probably had no idea that strength and conditioning coaches would one day reference his proposed General Adaptation Syndrome (G.
The technology, which was initially designed to help with space adaptation syndrome (similar to motion sickness), is being examined as a possible treatment for anxiety, nausea, and other stress-related disorders.
Adrenal gland function and its production of hormones are vital performance tasks in our response to stress and our larger responses in our general adaptation syndrome.