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Synonyms for adaptation

Synonyms for adaptation

the act of making suitable to an end or the condition of being made suitable to an end

adjustment to a changing environment

Synonyms for adaptation

a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form

(physiology) the responsive adjustment of a sense organ (as the eye) to varying conditions (as of light)

References in classic literature ?
On the view here given of the all-important part which selection by man has played, it becomes at once obvious, how it is that our domestic races show adaptation in their structure or in their habits to man's wants or fancies.
Adaptation, according to him, is merely a secondary activity, a mere re-activity, and he is therefore quite opposed to Spencer's definition: "Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations." Again in the motive force behind animal and plant life, Nietzsche disagrees with Darwin.
In general consider the application of the statements in the text; and in the case of Robert Browning consider emotional, dramatic, descriptive, and narrative power, poetic beauty, and adaptation of the verse-form to the substance.
This facile adaptation was at once the symptom of perfect health and its best preservative.
Her nature appeared to possess depth, too, as well as variety; but -- or else Hester's fears deceived her -- it lacked reference and adaptation to the world into which she was born.
It did my heart good to see how happy this artistic adaptation of the truth made her; and I must say that she never had a wiser friend.
In both these adaptations the reference to spring (vesna) matched the impression made by the young lad.
And they are the prettiest attitudes and movements into which a pretty girl is thrown in making up butter--tossing movements that give a charming curve to the arm, and a sideward inclination of the round white neck; little patting and rolling movements with the palm of the hand, and nice adaptations and finishings which cannot at all be effected without a great play of the pouting mouth and the dark eyes.
`But with this change in condition comes inevitably adaptations to the change.
Occupational adaptation was described in a majority of the studies as a manner of coping, being resilient, and as a use of appropriate strategies in response to altered or changing life situations (Dale et al., 2002; Nayar & Stanley, 2015).
The main part of the research is related to the trimmer, socialization-upbringing-identity as a basis of social adaptation. The author presented: socialization and education as a process; socialization of the personality and its identity; social adaptation and its aspects; social adaptation and socialization and adaptation process.
Such consideration suggests not only that selection may be the fundamental source of order in the universe--essentially, the opposite of the entropic process--but also that intelligent life is more likely than any other known thing in the universe to be an adaptation designed by cosmological natural selection.
These adverse impacts are expected to increase, due to projected climate change, according to the EEA report 'Climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector in Europe.' The report looks at the key climate change problems facing agriculture in the EU and the outlook for the years ahead.
While climate consciousness across the globe is on the rise, the fourth UN Environment Adaptation Gap Report released last week has revealed a considerable gap between countries' preparedness for climate change and the actual measures that should be put in place to prepare communities for a future of increasing climate risks.
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