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Synonyms for adaptable

Synonyms for adaptable

capable of adapting or being adapted

Antonyms for adaptable

capable of adapting (of becoming or being made suitable) to a particular situation or use


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This scale was likewise utilized adaptably as beginning four requests were kept away from and instead of these request past academic record of tested students was taken up from particular organizations.
Students were also shown how adaptability becomes adapt as a verb, adaptable as an adjective, and adaptably as an adverb.
To adaptably utilize channels, the OFC has to quickly obtain the difference and variation of wireless condition and then flexibly control the channel utilization.
This application is centered on interfacing's tablet clients a large portion of whom live abroad with its unfathomable database of 1.5 million property postings effortlessly and adaptably.
Our results also suggest that neurons having club-like endings can respond adaptably to delicate vibrations of the hair shaft, evoking high-frequency action potentials.
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