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Synonyms for adaptable

Synonyms for adaptable

capable of adapting or being adapted

Antonyms for adaptable

capable of adapting (of becoming or being made suitable) to a particular situation or use


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Adaptable is also working with a nationwide American PR company and is about to launch a new brand of luxury food across nine Middle Eastern countries.
Like Adaptable Business Concepts on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and check them out on LinkedIn.
I am proud of Tiffany and Rose and with their determination, I expect only great things from them in the coming months,” says President of Adaptable Business Concepts, Chris Migner.
Lego walks between, accommodating the moment-to-moment whim and imagination of the user with a readily adaptable system.
Adaptable Business Concepts says it plans to continue to improve and strives to be the Best and Brightest company to work for in 2013.
The Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 family has the capability to manage extremely complex tasks and enables a level of operational efficiencies not found in other modular storage products," said Mike Walkey, Senior Vice President of Global Channels, Hitachi Data Systems.
They deserve these promotions and I am excited to see them lead our next expansion later this year,” explains Chris Migner, President of Adaptable Business Concepts.
Plateau is a leading, global provider of adaptable, web-based software for developing, managing and optimizing organizational talent to increase workforce productivity and business operations performance.
Adaptable Business Concepts is an independently owned and operated outsourced direct sales and marketing firm.
This simultaneous output of data makes the IC flexible and easy to use, as well as adaptable to a variety of meter requirements.
On the bottom of each page, users can get a glimpse of what's new with the company with links to the company blog and a direct feed from Adaptable Business Concepts' Twitter page.
With the availability of generation 4 specifications, HP, IBM and Quantum -- the three technology provider companies for the LTO Program -- continue on track with the LTO technology roadmap to advance the adaptable, scalable, and industry-leading open format tape technology for users in the midrange tape category.
NYSE:IN) today introduced the Adaptable Load Backrest and Antenna Cell system.
Lagan's adaptable software will greatly enhance customer service to the residents of Los Angeles County served by DPSS," said Los Angeles County Project Director, Susan Aguilar.
org) is a nonprofit international industry association supporting the development and deployment of "smart" radio technology, which enables flexible and adaptable architectures in advanced wireless systems for greatly improved public safety communications in the event of hurricanes and other natural or man-made disasters.