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the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances

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First, cognitive adaptability involves cognitive strategy being changed, which is crucial when the challenge of innovating is being faced.
In this study, we examined career adaptability as it relates to social support and gender among graduating college seniors.
Accordingly, this study developed Greenmaster3ho, a new breed of tall fescue whose adaptability to the climate environment has been improved and which is not infected with endophytes.
The Feasibility of Computer Test Automation of Competitive Psychological Adaptability
2005; Verbeke, Dietz, & Verwaal, 2011), there is a lack of marketing studies, specifically in sales, that use the two elements of adaptability and self-efficacy as antecedents to individual sales person performance.
We hypothesized that families in the non-pathological group would have more balanced levels of cohesion and adaptability, given that family functioning tends to be more dysfunctional in families with psychological disorders, regardless of the specific manifestation.
In this collection, contributors in organizational psychology and management (mostly from the US) review the latest research and findings on individual adaptability in the face of change, complexity, and uncertainty in the workplace.
There is a kinship between the three dimensions of philosophic minds of managers and adaptability of a working group of employees of Saderat Bank.
The great adaptability of the nozzles and their proximity to the containers guarantee optimized air flow.
A lost opportunity to generate $130 billion of additional productivity - the research found a strong correlation between the adaptability of the talent in a particular country and the performance of its companies.
Versatility, adaptability and value for money have been the main factor behind the number achievement.
McKeown, an author, consultant, and speaker on strategy and innovation, enumerates 17 rules to help individuals and organizations increase their adaptability in an environment of uncertainty or in a changing situation.
Instead, Sagarin argues that society should embrace adaptability, an approach that better resembles the evolutionary process that allowed all the species currently in existence to stay secure for billions of years.
The phenotypic adaptability can be estimated based on the level of response to environmental stimuli.