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the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances

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There is a kinship between the three dimensions of philosophic minds of managers and adaptability of a working group of employees of Saderat Bank.
The Talent Adaptability Score is an indicator of a market's ability to respond to future shifts in demand, not a snapshot of current economic performance.
The stability of the genotypes CAC 1, CS 741, Splendor, UFV 16, UFV 19, UFVP IV-6, UFVP IV8, UFVP V-15, UFVP V-7, and UFV98700739 was classified as general (classification generated by the Integrated Method for adaptability and phenotypic stability analysis) (Table 3).
Several analysis methods of the GE interaction and of adaptability and stability do not make use of linear regression, for example: the method of Lin and Binns (1988), Annicchiarico (1992) and the Centroid method for adaptability analysis (ROCHA et al.
Career construction, which offers a contemporary advancement of the developmental perspective on vocational behavior and a comprehensive career assessment and counseling approach, identifies four basic dimensions of career adaptability.
Both cohesion and adaptability contribute to a family's overall functioning, and they are the two primary qualities of high functioning families listed by Olson and DeFrain (2000).
A universal sheet-clamping system has been upgraded to provide greater durability, reduced setup time, and adaptability to materials such as TPO and laminates.
Numerous insights, quips, and proverbs from famous people pepper Everyday Greatness, adding extra punch to its points on the virtues of humility, dedication, empathy, adaptability, and more.
General Franks asked Colonel Reeder how he built adaptability into his unit prior to the invasion.
WHO: Erik Frieberg, Senior Director, Product Marketing, BEA Systems Beth Gold-Bernstein, Vice President for Strategic Services, ebizQ WHAT: Part One: "The Service Driven Enterprise: Increasing Business Adaptability" will cover: -- The focus on services at all levels to enhance business responsiveness -- The role of service oriented architecture in achieving business adaptability -- How companies can increase efficiency by focusing on business processes -- How BEA is helping companies evolve their service driven enterprises Parts two and three of the series are scheduled to be held on June 15th and July 13th, 2004, respectively.
Client adaptability implies that unified capabilities are adapted to the characteristics of the device being used; for example, application-sharing may not be feasible on a telephone with a three-line display.
An exploration of loss, adaptability, and the power of perception, Via Sacra features music by Bang on a Can and Peter Zagar.
The first examines how DoD might provide for high adaptability of the force by increasing the tempo of inserting promising science and technology initiatives into the acquisition process.
Analysis" sections explaining each question's purpose in detail supplement the 501+ questions themselves, which evaluate prospective employees on everything from current competency in their field to decision making and analyitical opportunity to stress management skills, compliance and adaptability, leadership talents and more.
But they also have a progressive outlook on future business success and recognise the need for adaptability and innovation.