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the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances

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The model included five variables: English proficiency, cultural adaptability, mental model change, and Time 1 psychological wellbeing, and Time 2 psychological wellbeing.
The career construction model of adaptation depicted in Figure 1 proposes that career adaptability is a psychosocial construct comprising specific attitudes, beliefs, and competencies that shape how individuals synthesize their vocational self-concepts with work roles to make career-related decisions (Savickas, 2013).
Social support can alleviate psychological stress and tension and improve social adaptability (Isik, 2013); therefore, it represents an important and potential resource for people in responding to career development and change (Seibert, Kraimer, & Liden, 2001).
Reeves' general argument is particularly refreshing as he reclaims the traditional, monolithic, and static models to be as much a part of the adaptability palette as the disruptive and discontinuous ones.
Although interesting, such studies evaluate the adaptability in average terms, i.e., the correlation between environmental variation (X) and phenotypic response (Y) is explained by conditional expectation E(Y|X).
"Our research suggests that this success can be attributed to the simple core intervention components -- allowing the children to walk, jog or run; flexible delivery that supports teacher autonomy; and adaptability that suits the specific primary school context."
The post The big picture: why adaptability is king appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
The cognitive-motor interference during dual-task walking was quantified using the average of the respective dualtask effects of walking speed, the walking-adaptability performance score, and the cognitive-task performance score (with sitting as single-task reference), that is, motor (walking speed, walking adaptability) and cognitive scores combined to reflect overall task performance.
All participants finished questionnaires including Symptom Check List-90 (SCL-90), State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory 2 (STAXI-2, Chinese version) and Family Adaptability and Cohesion Scale, second edition (FACES II, Chinese Version) to assess their degree of current somatization, anger trait and family function.
In the cultivation of tall fescue, its adaptability to the Korean climate is excellent but its use has limitations due to the problem of infection by seed endophytes.
Power looks at the relationship between happiness and physical health, and contends that resilience, adaptability in the face of diversity are traits that will take one to the finish line.
The small company owners - ranging from self-employed workers and sole traders to bosses of businesses employing up to 1,500 -say they want a Brexit vote to give them the "flexibility and adaptability" that are key to their long-term success.
<![CDATA[ Adaptability, not efficiency, must become our principal competency for the IDF.