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resoluteness by virtue of being unyielding and inflexible

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All India Congress Committee (AICC) Communication department in charge Randip Surjewala said that Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders having reservations over the measure have become "mute spectator" due to "personal adamance" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to push the bill in its present form.
Taylor also joins them in insisting upon phenomenological accounts of human experience, and his emphasis on humans as self-interpreting agents would have complemented their adamance about the indispensable first person perspective on parenting.
Today, Straus - showing a degree of public adamance not seen much this session - said the bill will never be considered on the House floor "as written." The House is drafting a resolution to send a message to the appropriate people and address the issue of inappropriate searches "without making the Texas Legislature a laughing stock," he said.
Then there is the 46-year-old's adamance that he doesn't write the humorous Twitter comments under his name.
Having said that, the Law Lords also identified doubt as to whether Mr Forsyth intended to apply the damages to the rectification (see above n 67), a factor which--as was noted above in Part II(D)(2)--did not apply in Tabcorp given Mrs Bergamin's adamance that the foyer be restored.