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resoluteness by virtue of being unyielding and inflexible

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Then there is the 46-year-old's adamance that he doesn't write the humorous Twitter comments under his name.
Having said that, the Law Lords also identified doubt as to whether Mr Forsyth intended to apply the damages to the rectification (see above n 67), a factor which--as was noted above in Part II(D)(2)--did not apply in Tabcorp given Mrs Bergamin's adamance that the foyer be restored.
The development in just six weeks from The Captain's Doll to The Fox to The Ladybird reflects an increasing doctrinal adamance by the time of the third novella that is conspicuously absent within the equivocations of the two earlier fictions: Captain Hepburn cannot quite convince Hannele of the advantages inherent in his masculinist vision of marriage, and boyish Henry Grenfel may have killed Jill but finally lacks the confidence and maturity to convince March or the reader that his marital notions of male primacy amount to anything but rhetoric and bluster.
At the moment, however, when one family member disagrees with the others with sufficient adamance to seek judicial involvement, the probate judge displaces the family as dispositive decision-maker.
Lee's adamance about retaining the current regime of battered woman syndrome, in light of those observations, at least appears worthy of explanation.