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Synonyms for impression

Synonyms for impression

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

the character projected or given by someone to the public

intuitive cognition

the visible effect made on a surface by pressure

the entire number of copies of a publication printed from a single typesetting


Synonyms for impression

a vague idea in which some confidence is placed

an outward appearance

a clear and telling mental image

a symbol that is the result of printing or engraving

all the copies of a work printed at one time

(dentistry) an imprint of the teeth and gums in wax or plaster

an impressionistic portrayal of a person

the act of pressing one thing on or into the surface of another

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Frequency capping (controlling ad views per unique player)
Sometimes referred to as "click-through," this is the percentage of ad views that resulted in ad click.
ExoClick, a Barcelona-based company founded in December 2006, has grown into one of the largest ad networks in the world, serving more than 2 billion geo-targeted ad views a day using its proprietary ad serving technology, EXADS[TM].
Enhanced reporting tools give publishers the ability to access more detailed data on ad views, completion rates, location information and more.
It has a reach of 200 million unique visitors across video, mobile and display and generates over 1 billion video ad views per month, according to comScore Video Metrix.
Age 15+, Home & Work Locations* Source: comScore Ad Metrix Total Display Advertising Exposed Property Ad Views (MM) Unique Visitors (000) Total Internet : Total Audience 58,105 35,350 Multimedia 971 21,825 YouTube.