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without advance preparation

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Compared with those ewes under LR and HR nutrition treatment, ewes fed ad libitum had greater daily C[H.
OF CANNABINOIDS DURING 5-DAY ORAL THC ADMINISTRATION On the last ad libitum smoking day before each medication session, participants smoked median (range) 20 (1-40) cannabis cigarettes, with no significant differences (P = 0.
For example, broiler meat producers may need to increase rearing period beyond 8 weeks in order for birds to completely compensate and thereby realize profit parity with birds fed ad libitum but at a lower cost.
En el tratamiento suplementacion ad libitum en autoconsumo los animales consumieron significativamente mas racion (6,7 kg/a/d, equivalente al 1,8% PV) que los animales suplementados al 1% del peso vivo ya sea diariamente (3,6 kg/a/d) o en autoconsumo restringido (3,7 kg/a/d).
Rats were obtained from the central animal laboratory of Islamic Azad University-Tabriz Branch and were housed in colony rooms with 12/12 hr light/dark cycle at 21 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C for 2 weeks before initiation of the study, fed with laboratory pellet chow and drinking water was given ad libitum.
Esse acrescimo nos niveis de cobre e zinco dos animais do tratamento 1,5% pode ser explicado como reflexo da dieta, tendo em vista que esta era constituida de pastagem nativa ad libitum suplementada com nivel de 1,5% de MS do peso corporal em concentrado, o que garantiu um maior aporte desses minerais.
Although Congdon wants the Bank of England to be privatized, he does not want it to give up the power of issuing money ad libitum.
Before transfer, fish were fed standard hatchery trout pellets ad libitum approximately three times per day.
The methods include ad libitum sampling, continuous sampling, all occurrences sampling, scan sampling and one-zero sampling, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each one.
An ad libitum Mediterranean-style diet, supplemented with a daily serving of mixed nuts, appears to decrease the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in older people at high risk for cardiovascular disease, according to a report in the Archives of Internal Medicine.
Eighteen-month-old Fisher-344 female rats were ovariectomized and assigned to two groups: (1) a control group in which rats were fed ad libitum a carnitine-free (-CN) diet (AIN-93M) and (2) another fed the same diet but supplemented with L-carnitine (+ CN).
High-protein diets in ad libitum studies show greater weight loss than high-carbohydrate ad libitum diets.
10] PFU of VEEV in a 1-[micro]L volume 6-8 days after emergence and incubated at 27[degrees]C for 5 days with 10% sucrose provided ad libitum.
The WHI dietary modification trial provided "a unique opportunity to examine the long-term effects of an ad libitum low-fat dietary pattern on body weight," and the results do refute the contention that low-fat diets are to blame for the obesity epidemic.