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without advance preparation

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Each medication session was preceded by periods of supervised ad libitum cannabis smoking, enabling us to evaluate OF cannabinoid elimination profiles after multiple smoked doses.
All lambs were fed ad libitum for two weeks on a commercial pellet; thereafter, feed restriction phase was started.
Under doses simulating typical conditions after the eruption (15 g/[m.sup.2] with simulated wind at 7 km/h), and where food was provided ad libitum, survival was also significantly reduced (experiment 2) (Fig.
Generally, feed allocations are 60-80% or 25-50% less than the bird would consume ad libitum during rearing and laying, respectively [2].
* The blackcurrant group was given blackcurrant juice ad libitum instead of water for one week.
Two different paradigms have been employed in studies on calorie restriction: feeding animals with between 25-65% of food ad libitum every day or feeding them ad libitum every other day entitled "intermittent feeding".
Blood samples and VAS questionnaires were collected every 30 minutes for 7 hours followed by an ad libitum dinner meal.
The methods include ad libitum sampling, continuous sampling, all occurrences sampling, scan sampling and one-zero sampling, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each one.
Throughout the entire trial, half of the birds from each subspecies had ad libitum access to water-diluted commercial nectar powder and drinking water only, whereas the other half also received ad libitum apple pieces.
An ad libitum Mediterranean-style diet, supplemented with a daily serving of mixed nuts, appears to decrease the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in older people at high risk for cardiovascular disease, according to a report in the Archives of Internal Medicine.
* High-protein diets in ad libitum studies show greater weight loss than high-carbohydrate ad libitum diets.
En el E1, se usaron bolsas de nylon en una vaca con rumen canulado consumiendo forraje ad libitum, siendo la DEMS a las 48 h de 42,2%.
Los animales fueron alimentados con pellets y zanahorias ad libitum criados y mantenidos en cautiverio.
Throughout their lives, half the dogs were fed ad libitum (to eat freely as they wished) the label-recommended amount for their size and age; the other half got 25 percent less.