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Gareth Lloyd, boss of Ad Infinitum, said: "It's money for nothing.
constantly telling the public what a wonderful job he's doing on the economy, crime, health, education etc, when every aspect of each is in a total mess and the public are now paying the price of so many years of squandering public money on the basis that it would continue ad infinitum.
Are they to be left lying on the ground ad infinitum as many have been there for almost 12 months now?
Where Nauman's work is based on repetition ad infinitum, the fragmentation of space, and the elimination of narrative, Mehretu's painting is traditional to the core.
The intention is to continue ad infinitum, or until they might get a sheep to show some signs of infection.
A rascally manager called Spencer (the excellent Peter Piper) is involved with Lorraine, who is involved with Roddy, who is involved with Debs and so on ad infinitum.
It is a debate which could continue ad infinitum, without a true consensus or coherent strategy ever appearing.
Bilingual road signs, street names, electoral polls, ad infinitum, were fought for by Welsh speakers as their right.
Tacita Dean's video Disappearance at Sea, 1996, provided the perfect expression of what may be the most libertarian dimension of this approach to the cardinal points, in which the recovery of an auratic sense of landscape opens the way for seemingly infinite horizons of vision: Around a light-house is arranged a set of mirrors, reflecting one another ad infinitum, among the subjects and objects of vision.
Notice how many differing values we could unearth, ad infinitum.
Well, I'll spare him an account of primary school days spent re-enacting stories from the Bible ad infinitum, when I should have been learning more useful things.
SIR - Douglas Bachelor ('Case for hunting ban' August 2) can quote opinion polls ad infinitum, countless show majority opinion supporting hunting continuing either under licensing or under self regulation.
John Morris practices what critic Alan Weiss calls a "poetics of the ad infinitum," an ecstatic but precise doodling in which handmade marks stand for unrepresentable holism.
And it also gives them cause for unbounded celebration in that they can at last offer a reply to the tidal wave of Shanklyisms that have rained down on them ad infinitum for the last 40 years.
No, thanks, I'm already a gas station attendant, window washer, salesperson ad infinitum in this lack- of-service economy.