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Their programme of presented and produced work is edgy, radical and unashamedly contemporary, while their talent development programmes have aided the establishment of many of the UK's top touring companies, including Told by an Idiot, AD Infinitum and Kaboodle.
And again, ad infinitum. My husband and I were discussing the latest mass shooting in Florida and he mentioned that he had read this was the 18th school shooting so far this year.
Arsenal, Liverpool, Swansea, Manchester United, Chelsea and ad infinitum.
NNA - Lebanese Forces MP, Antoine Zahra, told MTV on Sunday that Hezbollah is tenaciously holding on to nominating a non-consensual presidential candidate as a way for Iran to stall elections in Lebanon "ad infinitum." He noted that Hezbollah and Iran were holding the Lebanese elections hostage in hopes that their regional axis would win, which was "contrary to the reality of things." "What is certain, when considering regional and international givens, that there will be no facilitating of presidential elections any time soon in Lebanon.
We can quote studies ad infinitum to support our different views but health professionals should always advocate for those unable to do so for themselves--children, the sick, the elderly and the disabled.
We can watch content ad infinitum, but someday, we'll have to buy the groceries.
Vohra replied to that, "Bubbles always burst but maybe Dubai will just dig into its bag, pull out more soapy water and make another bubble and another and another and another ad infinitum."
Repeat, ad infinitum. GOOD POINTS: I did 'jump' four times, so it was nice to shift position whenever rigor mortis was setting in.
OUR thanks to the East-Enders tedium specialists for continuing to drag out the tiresome whoscrewed-Kat saga ad infinitum...
As well as being highly resistant, metal is re-useable ad infinitum. The President, Patrick Le Pense, said: "The effective recycling rate reaches 95% depending on products, and the recycling chain is already well established".
Theatre Ad Infinitum production, The Big Smoke at Aberystwyth Arts Centre is performed by Canadian actor Amy Nostbakken.
What made it happen, and what came before its creator ad infinitum?" Lacking any evidence to support her claim, our novice theologian quietly slinks off to found the First Church of Brenda, Scientist.