ad hominem

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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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Common mistakes include: (1) reading your oral argument from a prepared text rather than using a "bullet point" outline; (2) speaking too softly or too fast; (3) making ad hominem attacks on your opposing party, his or her counsel, or the trial judge; (4) misrepresenting the record; and (5) failing to answer the question posed by a member of the panel.
'Indeed, when the guilty is put on the defensive, they resort to ad hominem tirades and outright bullying.
I am greatly offended by your continuous ad hominem attacks on President Trump and his administration.
16) from John Feroldi as a classic example of ad hominem argument.
Ad hominem arguments in favor of abortion usually criticize pro-life people's gender, motivations, or consistency.
Ad hominem, which stands for the Latin term argumentum ad hominem, is basically a response to an argument that attacks the person's character rather than the logic or content of the argument.
The Governor clarified that he "welcomes genuine criticism of our policy, but will not address ad hominem attacks" or allegations against him as an individual instead of the policies and the position he holds.
Though a clearly agitated Kelly kept having to bark out warnings at the candidates about not talking over each other or the moderators, the sharpest conflicts came as Trump turned to ad hominem attacks like referring to his foes as "Little Marco" and "Lying Ted Cruz."
Now that Donald Trump is a leading presidential candidate, the age where we scoff at people for "ad hominem" arguments appears to be over, writes public school librarian Sara Stevenson.
He's the only potential leader of Labour who would back leaving the EU if renegotiation didn't sufficiently protect the UK, but somehow Mr Arnott didn't hear this at all, and there you have it; Mr Arnott is a standard politician who skews arguments to serve his prejudices and makes ad hominem attacks.
IN HIS AUGUST 2015 (Volume 22, Issue 7) response to my critique of his letter in the previous edition, Michael Czuboka makes ad hominem remarks and alleges that my letter "produced a baffling array of questionable statistics," while proffering his own counter-statistics.
There will always be differences of opinion among thinking people, but vituperation and ad hominem attacks are the enemy of reason.
Ad hominem denigration of the deal's critics is not a worthy or useful line of argument, especially when facing so dangerous an opponent.
YK accused him of promoting Assad to the West-- he denies but stays away from the ad hominem attacks.
Apparently, you are too stupid to comprehend the difference between an insult and an ad hominem argument," someone argued.