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Marin Software has been working on developing support of Facebook's new ad campaign structure since October 2013 and will release full support on March 14th.
Dunelm plan to follow up with a bigger ad campaign this spring.
London, Dec 26 ( ANI ): Campaigners have claimed that disabled children are highly ignored by advertisers when it comes to selecting youngsters for their ad campaigns.
In a Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, the Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft, Kevin Turner, claimed that he received a call from Apple lawyers asking Microsoft to stop its Laptop Hunter ad campaign.
Michelle Greenwald, a professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, also studied the cheese ad campaign and called the growth of the California cheese industry over the past 20 years ``a tremendous success story.
Perhaps the Partnership for a Drug-Free America's next ad campaign will take on those policies.
DDB Chicago, State Farm's long time advertising partner, developed the ad campaign in conjunction with State Farm's multicultural ad agencies, DRM/DDB (Hispanic), Spike/DDB (African American) and interTREND Communications (Asian).
It is the first time these unions and industry leaders have teamed up on an ad campaign to promote a development effort.
While using your students to design a major ad campaign is a nice idea (and it looks like that's what happened here), you can't usually give your students a cool design opportunity and at the same time grab a once-a-year shot to attract every possible new student.
Dansk's new ad campaign, its first in 10 years, is no exception.
The groups became interested in doing the ad campaign after reading an article by Benjamin C.
3) A four-week TV ad campaign for Heinz's new Deeply Delicious Cheesecakes shows people so obsessed with the product that they ignore everything else.
2 million purchase of two thirty-second spots was only the kickoff of a protracted and expensive ad campaign that includes a barrage of print ads in the nation's newspapers.
This year's tax season public relations and image ad campaign kicked off in late October.
One of the hardest and most expensive aspects of promoting your products and services, especially for a community bank, is developing an ad campaign.