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Girouard explained that the ad campaign did not effectively identify Filicia as a design expert, adding that a new campaign slated to hit airwaves in July will demonstrate his design philosophy and show Filicia creating rooms with Pier 1 merchandise.
The groups became interested in doing the ad campaign after reading an article by Benjamin C.
Another troubling aspect to the ONDCP's multimillion-dollar ad campaign is the magnitude of the money which could be better spent.
That's why, in response to the popular "Got Milk?" ad campaign, Barnard's organization sponsored billboards this past summer that read, "Got Diarrhea?"
This year's tax season public relations and image ad campaign kicked off in late October.
Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, recently announced a new ad campaign designed to reach out to women and men who are suffering because of a personal abortion experience.
One of the most significant variables is how visible the property already is, and how much exposure the ad campaign will generate.
It would be interesting to know how many of those who came up with the new ad campaign had ever served in the military." Unit cohesion, not individuality, is the hallmark of military service, say Moskos and other critics.
The four-color ad campaign, which is still running with variations, appeared in local and regional lifestyle magazines.
A poster, an exhibition, a major ad campaign, a place for the thirsty to quench their soif?
One of the hardest and most expensive aspects of promoting your products and services, especially for a community bank, is developing an ad campaign. An agency in Portland, Ore., ADalog, has a solution that may make your task easier: download an entire ad campaign--color, black-and-white print ads and radio spots from the company's website.
They then proceeded to fill the room with a "storyboard" showing still images and copy from a fictitious ad campaign that brought the near-capacity room to thunderous applause (see sample ad campaign, intended as a voiceover to images of residents, below).
One of the ad campaigns that could be affected by the delay is the [pounds]2.8 million ad campaign for Wall's Carte d'Or ice cream brand prepared by Lowe Lintas & Partners.
Monsanto's ad campaign attempted to persuade European consumers and key decision-makers of the benefits of biotechnology.
What did get my attention, though, was the quirky ad campaign by Gardenburger Inc.