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Previously, Facebook ad campaigns were arranged in a two-level hierarchy: campaigns and ads.
The Laptop Hunter ad campaigns illustrate the difference between PCs and Macs, making it appearing that Apples computers are overpriced.
There are still many major advertisers that don't understand how you can effectively use newspapers" in a national ad campaign, he said.
Dansk's new ad campaign, its first in 10 years, is no exception.
The groups became interested in doing the ad campaign after reading an article by Benjamin C.
3) A four-week TV ad campaign for Heinz's new Deeply Delicious Cheesecakes shows people so obsessed with the product that they ignore everything else.
Another troubling aspect to the ONDCP's multimillion-dollar ad campaign is the magnitude of the money which could be better spent.
The image ad campaign combines print and radio advertising that emphasizes the prestige of the profession and CalCPA and is designed to drive listeners to the Find a CPA feature on CalCPA Online.
Starting out designing CD covers and overseeing the Paris-based eDEN magazine, M/M entered the world of fashion in the mid-'90s, doing ad campaigns for the likes of Jil Sander and Yohji Yamamoto.
One of the hardest and most expensive aspects of promoting your products and services, especially for a community bank, is developing an ad campaign.
They then proceeded to fill the room with a "storyboard" showing still images and copy from a fictitious ad campaign that brought the near-capacity room to thunderous applause (see sample ad campaign, intended as a voiceover to images of residents, below).
8 million ad campaign for Wall's Carte d'Or ice cream brand prepared by Lowe Lintas & Partners.
In the most recent example, a coalition of religious-right groups announced a television ad campaign extolling the virtues of "curing" homosexuality.
DUNELM'S first TV ad campaign helped the homewares chain overcome dismal trading last summer to post a rise in first half profits.
The network's stars will hawk Kmart's private-label brands in a summer ad campaign and wear them on several shows, including ``7th Heaven,'' ``One Tree Hill'' and ``Blue Collar TV.