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Don't count on a one-time ad blitz to build your customer base.
That's the message of a print and television ad blitz launched this May by rival online dating service Chemistry.
Filmed in Rio, the pounds 12m ad blitz shows Trinny and Susannah emerging from the ocean in full wetsuit gear.
The ad blitz includes national broadcast and cable television, local newspapers, local and national magazines, targeted radio spots, outdoor billboards and online advertising.
The TV ad blitz is mainly targeted at attracting overnight stays from Northern Ireland and the Republic.
But in spite of an expensive promo ad blitz days beforehand, it aired on January 5 to a relatively small audience.
The ad, which does not mention Jesus, is an important piece in Zondervan's $1 million ad blitz.
The revelations come in a government report published tomorrow as Home Secretary David Blunkett launches a pounds 7 million ad blitz on crime.
The spend has been set aside for a three-month ad blitz focusing on the beer's latest TV commercial, which hit screens this week.
And Chicken producers are griping over a new ad blitz, sponsored by National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), which mentions that fact (among others).
First Union and Wachovia developed a multi-faceted investor communications campaign that included face-to-face investor communications, mailings and phone calls, as well as the newspaper ad blitz.
Apparently no AOL money was behind the ad blitz, which seems to have been in the planning stages since before the merger of Netscape and AOL was announced.
The union is funding an ad blitz in 20 congressional districts and in five states.