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Dotty Lynch, professor of public communication at American University, said that an already exhaustive ad blitz in the crucial battlegrounds could be expected to intensify in the final two weeks of campaigning.
Outdoor, helped by the ad blitz during Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), was another winner with a 50 per cent increase over 2011 and totalled $106 million.
Obama Ad blitz followed with an outlay of more than $12 million during a single week in mid-June.
But in Iowa, the Senate defeat of a raffles measure follows a bitter two-month fight marked by an ad blitz and counterattack over the tax exemption and CU "gambling" charges brought by the Iowa Bankers Association.
Don't count on a one-time ad blitz to build your customer base.
Freedom's Watch began strutting its stuff late last summer with a $15 million national ad blitz to bolster support for the troop surge.
That's the message of a print and television ad blitz launched this May by rival online dating service Chemistry.
Filmed in Rio, the pounds 12m ad blitz shows Trinny and Susannah emerging from the ocean in full wetsuit gear.
Alan Mutter: The Newspaper Association of America is about to launch an umpteen-million dollar ad blitz that inadvertently reinforces all of the perceived weaknesses of the industry the campaign is supposed to combat.
But his long legislative record could still be positioned to haunt him in some areas with a late TV ad blitz by Hutchinson, and that could tighten the race.
The ad blitz includes national broadcast and cable television, local newspapers, local and national magazines, targeted radio spots, outdoor billboards and online advertising.
The TV ad blitz is mainly targeted at attracting overnight stays from Northern Ireland and the Republic.
But in spite of an expensive promo ad blitz days beforehand, it aired on January 5 to a relatively small audience.
The ad, which does not mention Jesus, is an important piece in Zondervan's $1 million ad blitz.