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an agency that designs advertisement to call public attention to its clients

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Snap has also entered into a collaboration with Israeli ad agency Teenk Marketing Solutions for Youth Ltd.
The British ad agency overwhelmingly referred to remain in the European Union.
Viva La Brand is a marketing strategy firm with a proven track record of developing effective brand strategies and conducting ad agency searches that successfully match clients with the optimal ad agency partners.
The Catatonia ad agency said this week that a third company that sent out the casting call had used "inappropriate" language.
The ad agency created those mirrors for insurance company Allianz.
We also demanded that they express our displeasure to the ad agency they hired.
Jenkins' How To Audition For TV Commercials From The Ad Agency Point Of View (1581154194, $16.
I was very pleased to read in the October 25 Advocate that T-Mobile had a commercial in which a father, complaining about his phone bill, didn't notice or care that his son was cross-dressing and that the ad agency said one could surmise that father and son have talked and that the dad respects the son's experimenting with gender expression ["Gender Goes Mobile"].
When it comes to operating an African American-owned ad agency, change is good.
This year, one ad agency executive threw some serious cold water on things.
He built McMurry Publishing into three companies--custom publishing, an ad agency, and, most recently, subscription newsletters--not to mention its real estate division, McMurry Properties.
The greenery and tidal pools are dramatically set off by a clutch of high rises punctuated by leading ad agency Dentsu's new headquarters, a titanic wedge of glass by French architect Jean Nouvel that opened in December.
Daisy Exposito-Ulla, chairmain & CEO of the Bravo Group, has been named Ad Agency Executive of the Year by HispanicAd.
Dentsu, Japan's biggest ad agency, said it purchased an additional stake in Bcom3 for about $499 million and swapped its Bcom3 shares for Publicis shares and bonds with equity-purchase warrants.
Consumers in 2000 sought goods matching their preferences for ''easier and cozier'' living, particularly in electronics products and computer-related services, a major ad agency reported Tuesday.