acyl group

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any group or radical of the form RCO- where R is an organic group

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Due to substitution of acyl group instead of OH group in 1, 10 dihydoxyanthracen-2-O-acetate (1) and Anthracen-1, 2-10-tri-O acetate (2), the affinity of compound decreases to scavenge the free radicals generated by DPPH.
Therefore, acyl groups defined as, for example, 34:1, almost certainly indicate mismatched acyl chains (18-carbon paired with 16-carbon chains) because 17-carbon acyl chains comprise, at best, a small fraction of the fatty acids in wheat plants (Chirkova et al.
hniques to probe the effect of acyl group, temperature and concentration on the structure and conformation of cellulose esters.
Peaks at m/z 74 and m/z 87 were obtained by cleavage at specific point by electron transfer and neutral loss at C-2 and C-3 from acyl group thereby generating the stable fragments of base peak (m/z 74) and second abundant peak m/z 87, respectively [Fig.
5 [micro]g/ml), while the attachment of an additional acyl group (isovaleeroyl moiety) in penicilloside C led to regain of the activity ([IC.
The properties of these classes of compounds have been recently exploited with the aim to design and develop novel therapeutic agents that can display acyl group transfer capabilities and serve for the evaluation of novel candidate drugs for the treatment of various diseases.
Acylcarnitines are indicated with an uppercase C followed by the number of carbons comprising the fatty acyl group.
Modulation of the positional specificity of lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase by the acyl group composition of its phosphatidylcholine substrate: role of the sn-1-acyl group.
In the second step, the acyl group is transferred to the acyl acceptor amine and the amine is linked to the glutamine residue via a peptide (isopeptide) bond.