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not cyclic

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having an open chain structure



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Then B([[LAMBDA].sub.*]) - [I.sub.1] is an adjacency matrix of an acyclic digraph with l nodes (see [2]).
Robust causal inference using directed acyclic graphs: the R package 'dagitty'.
Launched: 2017 Market value: 3.8 billion The strengths: IOTA'S system does not use a blockchain, instead employing a shared ledger based on a mathematical structure called a directed acyclic graph.
Although ideas about causality have a long history in epidemiology, the application of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) has greatly influenced the field in the last few decades.
To achieve these aims, the IOTA team discarded the traditional blockchain architecture--in which each block is cryptographically dependent on all proceeding blocks--for a directed acyclic graph (DAG)--the "Tangle"--in which each transaction validates two proceeding transactions.
A tree or acyclic component is a connected component of excess -1, an unicyclic component in a connected component of excess 0.
Sakhaee-Pour and Bryant showed that acyclic pore models could reproduce the nonplateau like trends of capillary pressure versus saturation that are common for gas shales.
Acyclic polyenes," The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol.
"Automobiles, aircraft engines and turbines were among the items that contributed to the hike in sales to the region while exports from the Arab World to Brazil was driven by the demand for crude oil, urea, potassium chloride, acyclic alcohols and their halogen-based products and natural gas among others," he added.
A rubber composition comprising: a copolymer synthesized by copolymerization of a conjugated diene monomer and an unsaturated acyclic monoester represented by the formula (1) below; and carbon black and/or silica, wherein [R.sup.1] represents hydrogen or a C1-C30 hydrocarbon group, and [R.sup.2] represents hydrogen or a C1-C30 hydrocarbon group.
The acyclic running phase (see Figure 3, pictures 2-7) includes the five-step throw.
The P4 impregnated devices can be used for heat induction in both cyclic as well as in acyclic cows during breeding and low breeding seasons, respectively (Macmillan and Peterson, 1993; Xu and Burton, 2000; Lucy et al., 2001).
For locally acyclic spaces, the authors establish a natural isomorphism between the cohomology and the Cech cohomolgy with real coefficients.
Cyclic circuits can be more effective on resource than their acyclic counterparts.
The aim of the present paper is to develop a technique for the solvability of implicit problems associated with differential inclusions whose right-hand sides are governed by compact acyclic mappings.