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not cyclic

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having an open chain structure



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In the subsequent methodological sequence of exercises, the students acquire the five-step technique and the transition from the cyclic to the acyclic motion sequence.
Oestrus induction, plasma steroid hormone profiles and fertility response after CIDR and eCG treatment in acyclic sahiwal cows.
Cyclic circuits can be more resource effective than their acyclic counterparts.
CMJ, SJ), sprints with change of direction (ZZT, Acyclic Sprint), and with no change of direction (S10m, S20m) in professional soccer players.
Caption: Directed acyclic graphs illustrate the myriad relationships that could exist between exposures, covariates, and disease.
The present study was an attempt for reproductive management of postpartum acyclic cows by substituting exogenous administration of synthetic progestogens in combination with [PGF.
This observation, which is illustrated by a directed acyclic graph [30] (Figure 2), may suggest that effect of the R allele on the heart is a direct phenomenon rather than a phenomenon mediated via dyslipidemia or renal dysfunction.
9 million); other acyclic monoamines and their derivatives ($60.
The TVP was introduced in [4] and combines two classical combinatorial optimization problems: the asymmetric traveling salesman problem (ATSP) asking for a shortest Hamiltonian tour and the linear ordering problem (LOP) which is to find an acyclic tournament of maximum weight.
We give characterizations of the double competition multigraphs of arbitrary digraphs, loopless digraphs, reflexive digraphs, and acyclic digraphs in terms of edge clique partitions of the multigraphs.
In water polo game, acyclic movements are predominant, and the metabolic characteristic of effort is represented by strength endurance with anaerobic penetrations (Marinescu et al.
Imports of Acyclic Alcohols, Sulphonated, Nitrated and Nitrosated Derivatives has fallen month on month basis by -13.
For example, since 2005, exports of commodities such as insulated wire cables, acyclic alcohols and their derivatives, milk and cream and polymers of propylene increased significantly (Table 2).
8] the result will work for subclasses of the admissible maps in [4] where [congruent to] is an equivalence relation in that class (for example the Kakutani and acyclic maps [6, 8]).
Via the LAN port on the Netbiter Gateway, users can connect via UCMM (UnConnected Message Manager) which is an acyclic messaging channel separate from the control loop messaging.