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not cyclic

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having an open chain structure



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Caption: Directed acyclic graphs helped researchers pinpoint areas where bias related to recruitment and participation may have affected the Normative Aging Study and similar studies.
On the same lines, the Industrial Organic Chemicals World Report covers data and information on Cyclic Chemicals & Chemical Products, Acyclic Chemicals & Chemical Products, Synthetic Organic Chemicals, Pesticides & Other Synthetic Organic Agricultural Chemicals, Ethyl Alcohol & Other Industrial Organic Chemicals, Miscellaneous End-Use Chemicals & Chemical Products as well as Miscellaneous Cyclic & Acyclic Chemicals & Chemical Products.
This suggests that the presence of the alcohol moiety is a greater determinant of antifungal activity than whether the component has a cyclic or acyclic structure.
He pays most attention to acyclic amino acids of C3-C10, and includes aminoalkanoic carboxylic acids, aminoalkenoic acids, and aminoalkynoic acids.
The elements of B([GAMMA]) correspond to acyclic orientations of induced subgraphs of the complementary graph [bar.
Definition: (Semantic Relationship Graph) Semantic Relationship Graph is a directed acyclic graph SRG (V, E, W), where V is a set of vertices, each of which corresponding to a table in the database.
On the basis of a priori substantive knowledge, we created a directed acyclic graph and determined a minimum sufficient conditioning set of confounders (VanderWeele and Robins 2009).
Two papers focus on the first option, tackling two major challenges to experimental approaches: Fernando Martel Garcia and Leonard Wantchekon address the important issue of external validity, using the structural causal language of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) to argue that external validity should be not so much a matter of whether an experiment has been replicated in multiple contexts, but rather whether it addresses generalizable theories.
The reproductive patterns can be divided into two types: continuous or acyclic and seasonal or cyclic.
Several biomarkers, including n-alkanes, acyclic isoprenoids, terpenoids and steroids, were detected in all samples (Figs.
The Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) has published a paper in the journal where authors Anthony Bonato, Dieter Mitsche, and Pawel Pralat say that the structure of terror networks can be compared to hierarchical organization in companies and certain online social networks where information flows in one direction from a source to the consumers and are known as hierarchical social networks or directed acyclic graphs (DAGs).
The researchers concluded that the acyclic monoterpenes, such as myrcene, linalool, citronellol and citronellal, tend to modulate the opioid system as well as decreasing the release of NO.
0]) is acyclic, that is, there are [absolute value of V] strong components of [G.
classes are organized into a tree-shaped hierarchy or a directed acyclic graph).
n] is not a cyclic hamiltonian graph we call such graphs as acyclic hamiltonian graphs.