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Synonyms for acutely

Synonyms for acutely

having a rapid onset


changing suddenly in direction and degree


in a shrewd manner

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I say, in earnest, that I should probably have been able to discover even in that a peculiar sort of enjoyment--the enjoyment, of course, of despair; but in despair there are the most intense enjoyments, especially when one is very acutely conscious of the hopelessness of one's position.
The advice was followed readily, for the feverish symptoms increased, and her head ached acutely.
So far indeed did his information extend, and so acutely retentive was his memory, that he was supposed to be the only man who could have told you who Julius Beaufort, the banker, really was, and what had become of handsome Bob Spicer, old Mrs.
Though Philip made him his butt, he liked him; he was amused by his candour and delighted with his agreeable nature: Dunsford had the charm which himself was acutely conscious of not possessing.
The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Bicol of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources describes the air quality in areas affected by Mount Mayon's eruption as 'alarming and acutely unhealthy.
Sentencing judge Richard I am acutely the shock Griffith-Jones said: "I am acutely aware of the terrible shock that it is when a loved one dies suddenly.
THERE can be no doubt that a rise in HIV levels across Merseyside is acutely linked to the increased popularity of online dating apps (ECHO 16/4/17).
7 million people, or 38 percent of the total population of Somalia are acutely food insecure and will be in need of humanitarian assistance between now and June 2016, he said.
Objectives : The purpose of this project is to increase access to safe water and improved sanitation facilities and; hygiene practices for 20,000 acutely vulnerable persons (3,500 women, 2,000 men, 7,000 boys and 7,500 Girls) including those with disabilities amongst the most vulnerable host communities and IDPs in Jonglei state of South Sudan, by 31st December 2014.
The report, commissioned by the Royal College of Physicians, calls for a radical restructuring of wards where acutely ill patients are treated, and a new organisational and management structure whose responsibilities for acutely ill medical patients will stretch out from the hospital into the wider community.
Launching new guidance on the way acute care should be provided, the RCP and the Society of Acute Medicine suggest one specialist should be dedicated to care of acutely ill patients every day.
Representatives from the British Medical Association expressed frustration at not being able to directly refer acutely ill patients to wards without having to go via A&E.
Children's community nursing team support for acutely ill and injured children and young people.
Newhall Memorial is converting its transitional care beds to serve more acutely ill patients.
A gripping, suspenseful novel that acutely hooks the reader's attention from beginning to end.